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By Megan Lacombe

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Refer_a_Friend_to_Liberty_Staffing.jpgDo you know someone looking for work? If so, refer them to Liberty Staffing! We offer a referral program. If you are registered with Liberty Staffing, and know someone who is looking for work, refer them to us and you could be eligible to receive $100! Here’s how to qualify for this promotion.

1. You Must Be Registered with Liberty Staffing

You must already be registered with Liberty Staffing in order to be able to refer someone else to our staffing agency. Once you’re registered with us, you can begin to refer others.

2. Refer Someone to Register

If you know someone who is looking for a job, suggest that they get in touch with us.

You can refer a friend or family member (of legal age to work in Ontario). When your friend or family member comes in, make sure that they mention that you referred them.

3. The Referred Candidate Must Work a Minimum of 200 Hours

Once the referred individual completes a work assignment of a minimum of 200 hours with Liberty Staffing, you will be eligible to receive $100. It’s that simple!  

Refer a friend to Liberty Staffing today! Your friend could gain a job, you could become $100 richer, and Liberty Staffing obtains another hardworking associate. It’s a win-win-win situation! Contact us today for more information. New Call-to-action

Megan Lacombe

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