Stafftrak Technology

Liberty Staffing Services is a member of The Staffing Edge. The Staffing Edge provides us with many great services, including their award-winning software called Stafftrak.

Stafftrak is an Applicant Tracking System, Customer Relationship Management, and financial reporting system all in one. Stafftrak allows us to provide our clients with exceptional and efficient services customized to fit your needs. Everything from payroll processing, government reporting, invoicing, recruitment database, and attendance tracking is organized and recorded on Stafftrak.

Liberty Staffing offers you one of the best staffing software systems in Canada with Stafftrak, ensuring that your business’ recruitment functions are well-managed, organized, and proficient. Stafftrak allows us to provide an exceptional level of customer service to our clients and associates.

At Liberty Staffing Services, we are dedicated to providing our clients and employees with top-notch recruitment services. If you have further questions regarding our staffing software, please contact an office location most convenient for you.

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