4 Benefits of Finding Work at a Startup Company

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By Bethany Gallea

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4_Benefits_of_Finding_Work_at_a_Startup_CompanyWhen you’re looking for a job, you receive plenty of advice. Some of that advice may tell you to steer clear of particular kinds of jobs or certain kinds of companies. One piece of advice job seekers often receive is that they shouldn’t seek jobs with startup companies.

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The reasons for this are varied. Some people will cite low pay and a lack of benefits, while others will suggest job security is an important factor. Many new businesses fail, especially in their first few years, so working for a startup can be risky.

Nonetheless, there are also many benefits to working at a startup company. In many cases, working for a startup can actually be more beneficial to you and provide you with more opportunities. Here are a few of the reasons it can be advantageous to work for a startup.

1. There are Advancement Opportunities at a Startup Company

Something many job seekers emphasize is the ability to move up at the company they begin working for. Many younger employees are also looking for advancement opportunities when they take their next job.

Large, established companies may not offer many opportunities to climb the corporate ladder. Leadership may not experience much turnover, and there may already be a pipeline of talented workers moving up the chain.

This isn’t true at a startup. Most startups work with small teams, and there’s plenty of room for advancement as you prove yourself. As the company grows, you may find yourself moving into higher positions more quickly.

2. You Can Test Your Skills

Since most startups work with small teams, employees tend to wear many hats. You’ll be given more responsibility and opportunities to grow your talents and test your skills.

In this environment, you’ll have plenty of learning opportunities. You can discover what you’re truly good at, develop your talents, and learn new skills.

3. Your Work Will Be Recognized

Another advantage of working for startup companies is that your work matters to the company. In large corporations, you may feel more like a cog in a wheel. You may feel as though your work goes unnoticed, especially higher up the chain.

Most startups have a flatter hierarchy and a smaller team. Each person contributes to both small and large goals, and those contributions don’t go unnoticed.

4. You’ll Learn from Innovators

While not every startup is successful, most of them begin with someone’s vision. Whether it’s a product or service idea, most startups are built on the foundation of innovation. The people founding the company want to do something different.

This means you’ll have an opportunity to learn from true innovators. Make the most of this opportunity by learning about their mindset. You may be able to look at the world in a different way and begin to innovate on your own. Creativity is certainly encouraged at a startup business.

You’ll also learn the importance of budget management, hard work, and self-sustainability. These are all values you can take to any job in the future.

Working for a startup can be difficult, but it can also be highly rewarding. Even if the company or job doesn’t last forever, you can learn valuable skills, and who knows where you’ll land after your startup experience.

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