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Cambridge, Ontario is poised for significant growth in the coming years. There are plenty of reasons why you would want to run a company in Cambridge, including its growing population, lower cost of living, and skilled workforce. 


Cambridge has the fourth-largest manufacturing workforce in Canada, making it one of the best places for factories, warehouses, and tech. Employers in Cambridge can provide competitive wages, and the labour force is diverse and productive. 

As part of the Waterloo region, Cambridge’s economy is expected to outperform both the provincial and national economies in the coming years. Cambridge is home to much innovation and collaboration, especially as technology continues to affect each of its most prominent industries.


Thanks to the high concentration of talent, expertise, and knowledge in the local workforce, Cambridge is a hub for emerging tech, entrepreneurship, and investment. Liberty Staffing Services can help your company tap into this abundant source of talent. 


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Staffing Services in Cambridge, Ontario

In-Demand Job Industries in the Greater Cambridge Area


Manufacturing: Cambridge is best known for its manufacturing industry jobs, including assembly line workers, machine operators, QA inspectors, maintenance techs, logistics workers, and supervisors.

Warehousing: The greater Ontario area is a major hub for warehousing operations, providing a wide range of job opportunities from material handlers to distribution managers. With ecommerce booming, the demand for warehousing space and skilled logistics professionals continues to surge across Cambridge. 

Logistics: The logistics industry in Cambridge is booming. Thousands of jobs exist for freight handlers, import/export specialists, and supply chain coordinators at the numerous warehousing and distribution hubs. Prospects remain excellent for logistics professionals skilled in transportation planning, inventory management, and optimizing complex shipping operations. 


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