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Guelph is growing, and it’s a great place for owning and operating a business. Small, mid-size, and large businesses all thrive in Guelph’s thriving economic climate. After rebounding from the impact of COVID-19, Guelph has become an appealing location for employers of all kinds.


Guelph is Ontario’s tenth largest city, making it a major contributor to the Ontario economy. The outlook for Guelph includes more industrial growth, as well as real estate development. Southern Ontario offers a lower cost of living than nearby cities, making it an attractive place to live. 


Additionally, the University of Guelph trains and qualifies the area’s residents to work in all of the region’s industries. With such a high concentration of talented job seekers, Guelph is a great place for today’s employers to build their businesses. 


Liberty Staffing Services offers our clients extensive knowledge of the local economy, as well as access to our deep connections within the community. We can help you tap into the abundant talent networks in Guelph. 


Cities, Towns, and Townships Served by Liberty Staffing

  • Aberfoyle
  • Cambridge
  • Elora
  • Fergus
  • Guelph
  • Puslinch

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Staffing Agency Services for Guelph Ontario

In-Demand Job Industries in the Greater  Guelph Area


Manufacturing: There are several major factories in Guelph, where manufacturing professionals include technicians, assembly line workers, QA inspectors, supervisors, engineers, and more. 

Warehousing: The greater Ontario area is a major hub for warehousing operations, providing a wide range of job opportunities from material handlers to distribution managers. With ecommerce booming, the demand for warehousing space and skilled logistics professionals continues to surge across Guelph. 

Logistics: The logistics industry in Guelph is booming. Thousands of jobs exist for freight handlers, import/export specialists, and supply chain coordinators at the numerous warehousing and distribution hubs. Prospects remain excellent for logistics professionals skilled in transportation planning, inventory management, and optimizing complex shipping operations. 


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