5 Benefits of Using Temporary Hiring Agencies

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By Lorna Faires

Topics: Staffing Services


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5_Benefits_of_Using_Temporary_Hiring_Agencies-1A tried and true way to meet the demands of running a business in today’s competitive market, without stretching your resources to the breaking point, is to use a temporary hiring agency, like Liberty Staffing.

Discover five benefits of using temporary hiring agencies below. There are many great benefits of bringing on temporary workers for your company. You may be surprised how hiring temporary workers can drive your business’s growth.

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 1. Fill Your Skills Gap Fast

Established temporary agencies have a robust roster of talented candidates to fill rush orders. If your company needs more skilled workers on short notice, then you can do no better than to approach a temporary agency. We list this benefit first because it’s one of the top benefits of using temporary hiring agencies.

Your business will inevitably experience skills gaps during holiday and vacation seasons, and there’s bound to be a few personal leaves and as well as turnover that you will need to account for. Temporary staff will allow you to relieve your core staff from the burden of double (or triple) duty in these instances and avoid employee burnout.

2. No Long Term Commitment

Since temporary workers are contracted by the agency and not directly by you, there isn’t the same long term commitment you’d get with a permanent placement. In some cases, this is exactly what your business needs to meet demand in the short term.

As mentioned above, there will be times when your business experiences skills gaps or you need extra workers for a specific project. Bringing in skilled temporary workers is your best bet, especially if you are expecting a slowdown after a busy season or the return of an employee after a personal leave.

3. Evaluate Potential Hires In-Depth

Of course, if you want there to be an eventual long term commitment, another one of the benefits of using temporary hiring agencies is requesting temporary to permanent staffing. Flexible temporary agencies, like Liberty Staffing, offer temporary to permanent candidates who you can evaluate in-depth for cultural fit.

There’s no obligation to hire these workers on if they don’t fit your environment. If you find that a worker possesses the perfect mix of hard and soft skills and experience, however, then you can hire them on instantly.

4. Tackle Expert Projects with Specialists

Are there specific projects you’re unable to complete due to a lack of qualified or willing employees? Then this is one of the benefits of using temporary hiring agencies you shouldn’t pass by. Niche agencies have sourced specialists in their field and can provide you with workers who have the specific skills you need. 

Liberty Staffing’s niche, for example, focuses on specialists in office, warehouse, and industrial businesses in Ontario.

5. Boost Your Bottom Line

Perhaps the greatest benefit of gaining access to a flexible staffing solution like temporary hiring is increased business growth. Temporary staffing boosts your bottom line in several ways, some of which were discussed above. Temporary workers also help your business become consistently more productive and reduce the costs of sourcing, training, and turnover.

These five benefits of temporary hiring agencies are the key to solving your business’s staffing problems.

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