5 Factors Job Seekers Care about When Looking for Work

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By Lisa Hutchinson

Topics: Hiring


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5_Factors_Job_Seekers_Care_about_When_Looking_for_WorkThe world of work has changed immensely in the last few years. Everything from new technology to growth in jobs has spurred change, both for how employers find workers and how job seekers find jobs. As people’s expectations and ideas about work continue to evolve, employers have been left with many questions.

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One of the most prevalent questions is, “What do job seekers care about when looking for work?”

There are many factors influencing a candidate’s decision to apply for or accept a job. Salary is one, but benefits and other perks, company culture, opportunities for advancement, and more can influence job seekers.

1. Job Seekers Care About Company Culture

Surveys suggest job seekers care about company culture more than ever before. Around 80 percent of Millennials believe company culture and cultural fit are important factors to consider when they look for work.

Cultural fit is a good predictor of employee satisfaction and how long an employee will stay with a business. Essentially, if an employee feels their values are reflected in those of the company, they’ll do better work and stay longer.

2. Salary Still Matters

Job seekers do consider salary when they search for work, and the wages being paid are a major consideration when deciding between job offers. The difference is most people, both workers and employers, have come to realize salary isn’t the be-all, end-all of work.

Job seekers may decide not to accept a job, even if it pays a high salary, for any number of reasons. One may be cultural fit. Another consideration is benefits and other perks, or what’s known as “total compensation.” Today’s employees are looking for the total package.

3. Flexible Work is Popular With Job Seekers

Another thing today’s employees are looking for is more flexibility in their schedules. Part time work, flex hours, variable shifts, and even remote work arrangements are all factors job seekers consider when they look for work and consider job offers.

People today want more flexibility in their schedules, so they can achieve a better work-life balance. Some employees may be going back to school or trying to balance parenthood or the care of an elderly relative with work. For these reasons, flexible scheduling is another important factor in job seekers’ searches.

4. Job Seekers Consider Total Compensation

Salary, as mentioned, is still an important consideration for most people when they look for work. It’s certainly not the only factor, nor is it the only financial factor on job seekers’ radar these days.

People are increasingly thinking in terms of total compensation, which includes salary and so much more. Compensation can come in many different forms. Think about the “perks” you offer to employees. Do you reimburse travel costs or offer stock options and bonuses? Retirement plans, life insurance, and other payment arrangements could be considered compensation.

Some perks are less tangible, such as sick days or vacation policies. Paid leave options for parental leave, caregiver leave, and disability are also important considerations when evaluating a total compensation package.

5. Everyone Wants Better Health Benefits

There’s one more aspect of the total compensation package to consider, and it’s employee health benefits.

Medical, vision, and dental care are all popular employee benefits, and job seekers do evaluate your benefits plan when they consider a job offer. A company with great benefits and better total compensation will win out over a high salary almost every time.

These are the factors job seekers are considering when they’re looking for work, so hiring managers should keep them in mind. If you want to hire and retain employees, take a look at what you offer them and contact Liberty Staffing.


Lisa Hutchinson

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