5 Job Interview Tips to Impress Candidates and Find Top Talent

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By Lisa Hutchinson

Topics: Hiring


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5 Job Interview Tips to Impress Candidates and Find Top Talent.jpgYou often hear about preparation methods for candidates getting ready for their big interview, but it is equally important for the interviewer to prepare. It may not always be recognized, but as the hiring manager, you are the face of your company during the interview process. You are the first impression candidates get of your company, especially with regards to how they might be treated in their prospective new place of work. Interviewees can, therefore, make judgments of the company based on your actions.

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There are a variety of job interview tips and expectations for individuals preparing for an interview. Similarly, if you expect certain things from the candidates, you should show the same regard to them.

Be a Responsible Ambassador

Again, as the first person that potential hires meet from you company, it’s imperative that you promote a positive image of your workplace.

One of the most essential job interview tips is to present yourself well to the interviewees. Return all the behavioural mannerisms you would expect from them, such as giving a firm handshake, maintaining eye contact when speaking, smiling at the first introduction, and so on.

Be professional, but be yourself. Don’t try to change character in an attempt to seem more authoritative, for this may be a turn-off for candidates.

Ask Questions Strategically

Based on the position you are conducting interviews for, prepare questions specific to that role. This is one of the job interview tips not often utilized. Sometimes, the generic question types of “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” make it difficult to narrow down candidates. Use the typical questions as a base to form new ones that pertain more towards the responsibilities required for the position.

Be Honest

Top talent never shows up to an interview unprepared—it is certain that they would have done all their necessary research before the interview.

If they ask questions about the company, answer truthfully. If there are currently some troubles or challenges with the business, give them an overview of the situation. This not only will show the candidates that your company is not trying to hide anything, but it will also allow you to see how well the interviewees can come up with resolutions to various problems. Again, this is a great way to see an aspect of the candidates that may not be so obvious on paper.

Respect the Candidates

Usually, once an interview finishes, interviewers tell candidates they will be in touch with them after a certain amount of time and then neglect to do so. Don’t be one of these employers. Respect the fact that the individuals put a lot of time and effort to prepare for an interview.

Especially if your company is one that they really showed interest in working for, be generous with your time and get in touch with them (whatever the outcome). This act is appreciated much more than is often realized.

Restrict Your Electronics

This is one of the most stressed job interview tips for interviewees, and managers should also take note. For the duration of the interview, keep your cell phone off and refrain from looking at your computer. The interview process is nerve-wracking for the individual sitting in front of you.

A manager taking a phone call in the middle of their interview will give the impression that they don’t prioritize the hiring process. Taking a tech break from the interview also interrupts your connection with the candidate, making it more difficult to get genuine answers that lead to the best hires.


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