5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Logistics Coordinator

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By Bethany Gallea

Topics: Hiring


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A Logistics Coordinator oversees various aspects of supply chain management in a business. They monitor shipments of supplies and vendor performance. They often make decisions about inventory, and when orders need to be placed.

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In short, Logistics Coordinators play a vital role in keeping businesses moving. With that in mind, you know you need to hire the right person for this role. What qualities should you be looking for when you need to hire a new Logistics Coordinator? Keep an eye out for these five traits.

1. Logistics Coordinators Must Be Team Players

A Logistics Coordinator may spend most of their time using computerized systems to monitor inventory and place orders, but many of their responsibilities hinge on communication.

As a result, the successful Logistics Coordinator is team oriented. They know they need input from many different people to manage the supply chain effectively.

With that in mind, the ideal candidate for this role has great communication and interpersonal skills. They’re willing to take everyone’s input to craft a better plan of action. They’re also willing to own up to their mistakes and mediate when tensions may arise.

2. A Keen Eye for Detail

Successful supply chain management is often wrapped up in the details. The best Logistics Coordinators notice when supplies are low and reorder with enough time to get them onto the shelf. They also make note of when some supplies are backordered and how long some vendors take to ship.

They will note discrepancies between ordered numbers and what actually arrives, as well as differences on the invoice.

The person in this role must pay attention to all these details and more. This allows them to make informed decisions.

3. A Good Decision Maker and Problem Solver

Those in supply chain management must be able to make sound decisions, even when they’re under pressure. While a Logistics Coordinator may want to get feedback from those involved in a decision, there will be times when they have to move forward.

If they’re sound decision makers with good reasoning skills, they’ll know they’ve made the best decision. Good reasoning skills will undoubtedly serve them here, as will problem-solving skills. The ability to weigh different options and think of creative solutions will help them make the right decision every time.

4. Adaptability

Adaptability is always a recommended soft skill to have. A Logistics Coordinator who is stuck in their ways will have a more difficult time than one who can go with the flow. Since supply chain management is always changing at a rapid pace, someone who is able to keep pace is ideal for this position.

Even the best planning goes awry, so someone who can think on the fly, and act quickly will perform much better as a Logistics Coordinator.

5. A Love of Math and Statistics

A Logistics Coordinator doesn’t need to have an advanced degree in mathematics to succeed in the role. Good numeracy and analytical skills, however, are essential.

Someone who loves numbers will have an easier time in this position. The ability to analyze data is key. The Logistics Coordinator needs to be able to read information and make recommendations based on the numbers.

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There are other qualities that will make someone a standout Logistics Coordinator, such as strategic thinking and organizational skills. Someone with an administrative background may excel in this role.

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