5 Signs You Need More Warehouse Shippers and Receivers

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By Jennifer Doiron

Topics: Hiring


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5 Signs You Need More Warehouse Shippers and ReceiversAlmost every industry relies on shipping and receiving to some extent. For couriers and others involved in transporting goods, it’s their business. Other companies depend on shipping and receiving functions to get products to their customers, or to ensure they have stock in their warehouses.

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If your business has a warehouse, or receives products from manufacturers, you already know how important these functions are to keep operations running smoothly. The flow of tasks depends on your team’s productivity.

If you notice any of these five signs, you may need more Shippers and Receivers.

1. You Need More Warehouse Shippers and Receivers if Orders are Backed Up

Every time you head down to the loading dock, there are shipments sitting there, waiting to be loaded up and shipped out. Maybe the backup lasts for a few hours during the busiest part of the day, or it extends through several shifts as more orders pile up.

This situation might require your Shippers and Receivers to stay late to get the orders cleared.

If this happens on an irregular basis, then you may not need more Shippers and Receivers for your warehouse. If it’s an everyday occurrence, it’s time to hire.

2. Your Overtime Costs in Shipping and Receiving are High

You’ll end up paying overtime when your team members work late on a busy day.

Maybe you’re asking the members of your team to work overtime on a regular basis because the team is too small. If so, you could run into trouble if someone is sick or takes a vacation.

Overtime is running up your costs. Take a look at how often you pay overtime to your warehouse Shippers and Receivers. If you’re paying out overtime every paycheque to the same people, it’s time to look at hiring more team members.

3. Time Off Requests Have You Worried

You took a look at the pile of vacation requests in your inbox, and you’re feeling nervous. Who’s going to cover shipping and receiving in the warehouse during those two weeks in July everyone has requested off?

You could deny some vacation requests, but you could also hire some more Shippers and Receivers to help you cover these shifts.

4. The Warehouse is a Mess

How else do you know whether you need more Shippers and Receivers in your warehouse? Take a look at the state of your shelves. Those who work in shipping/receiving are often responsible for keeping the warehouse organized. They help find places to store new inventory that arrives.

If the warehouse seems like new stock has been tossed haphazardly on shelves, or left in the middle of aisles, it could be a sign your team is rushing. They may be overwhelmed by the volume, or lack the time to be more effective. As a result, the task of organization is left by the wayside.

Hire a few more workers and watch as your warehouse organization improves.

5. Shipping/Receiving Employees Keep Leaving

If warehouse workers keep leaving, there might be an underlying reason for it. If the team is constantly short staffed, or can’t keep up with the volume of work, some people may leave due to stress. Hiring a few more warehouse Shippers and Receivers could be the solution.

If you’re looking to hire the best Shippers and Receivers for your team, get in touch with Liberty Staffing today.


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