5 Temporary Staffing Tips that Improve Employee Morale

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By Lisa Hutchinson

Topics: Hiring


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5_Temporary_Staffing_Tips_that_Improve_Employee_Morale-1.jpgHigh employee morale provides many advantages to businesses. When employees feel positive about their jobs, they tend to perform better. They have more positive relationships with their coworkers, miss less work, and are more productive.

Many factors can influence morale in your workplace, including temporary staffing. If you’re thinking about hiring temporary workers, it’s best to keep everyone’s morale high. To improve morale in your workplace, keep these five temporary staffing tips in mind.

1. Bring on Temps Right Away

If your company has been understaffed for a while, your employees are probably working very hard to manage their workloads. While some employees could appreciate the overtime pay that comes with working extra hours, others may not. They could become stressed and frustrated due to the long hours they need to work.

To improve morale, don’t let this type of situation continue for long. Hire temporary staff right away. The temporary workers can help take the pressure off your permanent employees.

2. Hire Experienced Temps

When your employees are overworked, they don’t have time to extensively train the temps who will be helping with the workload. They need people who can be productive and helpful from the beginning. That’s why any business owner who’s worried about morale should hire experienced temps.

It’s a myth that temporary workers are unqualified or inexperienced. There are many temps available in specialized fields. No matter what field you’re in or what tasks you need your temps to perform, you should be able to find people who are highly qualified for the work.

3. Be Upfront about Your Expectations

Temporary workers and employees should know what’s expected of them. By making your expectations clear, you can keep your temps from being confused about what they’re supposed to be doing at work.

When you bring on new temporary workers, ensure they have a list of their job duties. Let your permanent employees know what the temps have been hired to do, too.

4. Train Your Temps

Even the most experienced, highly qualified temps will need some training to be able to live up to their full potential. Start with an orientation day to ensure your new temps know their way around the office and feel comfortable in the workplace. This can help boost morale among your temporary staff.

Don’t forget about health and safety training. Your workplace may have some unique hazards, even if it’s a seemingly safe area, like an office. No business owner wants to see a worker get injured on their property. Injuries can harm morale among both your temps and your permanent staff.

5. Make Temps Feel Included

Including your temps and ensuring they’re part of the team can make them feel more comfortable and boost their morale.

When new temps start work, introduce them to the employees they’ll be working with. If you provide any perks for your employees, like free coffee, let your temps take advantage of this. The temps will know they’re included in the workplace, and your permanent employees will appreciate that their temporary coworkers are being treated well.

To improve morale in your workplace, keep these five temporary staffing tips in mind as you’re hiring temporary workers. You can boost morale among both your temporary workers and your permanent employees, as well as enjoy a more productive workplace.

If you need help hiring the right temp workers for your business, don’t hesitate to turn to a staffing agency for more temporary staffing tips.

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Lisa Hutchinson

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