5 Tips for Successfully Hiring and Onboarding Seasonal Employees

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By Lorna Faires

Topics: Hiring


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5 Tips For Successfully Hiring and Onboarding Seasonal Employees.jpgIt’s hiring season again. As retailers head into the holiday season, many other industries also prepare for the holiday rush. If you’re preparing for this busy time, you may be bringing in some seasonal employees.

You can hire seasonal employees at any time of the year, depending on the industry you’re operating in. Tourism, for example, often hires during the summer. Other businesses might hire during the winter. In any case, seasonal hiring is a good investment for many companies.

Some business owners struggle with the hiring and onboarding process, though. If you follow these five tips, you can make these tasks a breeze.

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1. Employ an Agency

The first thing you should do if you want to make hiring and onboarding seasonal hires easier is establish a working relationship with an employment agency. The agency’s recruiters are experts in both arenas.

An agency can most definitely assist you with the hiring process. They cast a wider net and screen and filter candidates. They conduct initial interviews to streamline hiring. They can also work through legalities arising from hiring on a seasonal basis.

The agency can also help when it comes to onboarding employees. They’ll screen for particular skills and certifications, so your temporary workers can hit the ground running on the first day.

2. Provide Training and Support

You might be tempted to skip the onboarding process for seasonal employees, especially since they’ll only be with you a short time and you need them to become productive right away. You want them to be able to jump right in.

Even if you’re hiring experienced candidates to staff seasonal roles in your company, you should always provide training. Your company may have different rules or policies employees may not be aware of if you don’t. You should always provide an orientation package.

Give new employees some support as well. Encourage them to ask questions or request assistance completing a task they’ve never worked on before. A supportive environment goes a long way to ensuring things are done right.

3. Look for Experienced Candidates

If you need your seasonal employees to get up to speed quickly, it makes sense to look for candidates who have some measure of experience. For example, someone who has already worked as a packager will have an easier time adjusting to this role in your business than someone who has never packaged products before.

4. Foster Ongoing Training

This tip extends to your entire workforce, not just your seasonal employees. If you encourage an environment in which ongoing training and learning is valued, all of your employees will benefit.

Stressing ongoing learning creates a supportive environment for your new employees. Questions are encouraged. Other employees may be more willing to lend a helping hand in completing a task. If your employees mentor each other on a regular basis, and help each other learn new skills, then they’ll have no problems assisting your new hires the same way.

5. Stress Company Culture

In both the hiring and onboarding processes, you should emphasize the company culture. During hiring, you want to stress your company values and look for candidates who express those values themselves. Someone who aligns with your company culture is going to be a better fit.

When onboarding begins, company culture should be a focal point. Part of what makes your company unique is your culture. Even experienced employees will need to learn the ropes here!

If you follow these tips, you can make your hiring and onboarding program more successful, for seasonal and full-time employees alike.


Lorna Faires

I have over 15 years of experience in the staffing industry, in a management role. I possess a strong background in recruitment, screening, and connecting candidates with the right employment opportunities. I love all animals, but especially my 3 dogs. Hiking and canoeing are my passions, and getting out into nature and being unplugged is my favourite way to spend my vacations.

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