6 Great Cities in Canada to Find a Job

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By Lisa Hutchinson


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6 Great Cities in Canada to Find a JobCanada’s job market has been hot. Since hitting a 40 year low last December, the job market has had its ups and downs, but unemployment has generally remained somewhat steady.

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Many industries are booming right now, which means they’re creating new positions and looking for skilled workers to fill those roles. If you’re on the hunt for a job, check out the following Canadian cities.

1. Guelph is Booming

Ontario’s Royal City, Guelph, is maybe one of the hottest job markets right now. The city, which is usually overshadowed by Waterloo, Cambridge, and Kitchener, has been attracting investments from some big players.

A few major manufacturers are headquartered in Guelph, while others have branch offices there. The city is also experiencing a population boom with a hot housing market, so there’s been a growing demand for services. The engineering and technology sectors are also seeing some life. In short, there’s plenty of opportunity in Guelph.

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2. Oshawa is Experiencing a Resurgence

Oshawa, just east of Toronto, has long been a manufacturing town. Things took a turn for the worse after the Great Recession, as Ontario manufacturers were hard hit. These days, though, Oshawa is being revitalized.

The manufacturing boom is certainly helping, and many manufacturers are experiencing talent shortages. Oshawa has also become a hub for technology and electronics. In fact, the city has experienced just over 3% employment growth since 2017, according to BMO. The jobless rate is well below the national average at 4.5%.

3. Toronto is Still a Hub of Activity

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to see Toronto on this list. Canada’s largest city and the capital of Ontario is still one of the economic engines of the country. Many companies are headquartered here, and the city is a hub for many major industries.

Toronto’s employment growth has been slightly slower than Oshawa’s at 3.2%. The jobless rate is on par with the national average, just slightly under 6%. If you live in Southern Ontario, you might consider looking for a job here since public transportation can make it easy to commute.

4. Vancouver is Showing Significant Growth

Vancouver is another major hub of Canadian economic activity. With a jobless rate sitting at about 4%, and employment growth pushing towards 5% in the last year, there’s no question Vancouver is a great place to find a job.

Vancouver is a major city like Toronto, so it’s also home to many headquarters and industries. BC’s mining scene has been growing, as has its construction industry. Whether you’re looking for a job in technology, manufacturing, or another industry, Vancouver could be the right place for you.

5. Halifax Should be Considered

Halifax probably isn’t the best choice on this list, because the unemployment rate is still sitting higher than the national average, clocking in around 6%. Nonetheless, the city witnessed 3.6% growth in employment in 2017. That’s higher than Toronto and Oshawa.

If you’re looking for a job, Halifax might be the right place to start your search. An influx of investment means the city is once again growing.

6. London is Teeming with Opportunity

London is another Ontario city where the jobless rate was under the national rate earlier this year, and the city seems to have plenty of opportunity going into the fall. London’s big industry players include the health sector and technology. The city’s proximity to the border has traditionally made it a great choice for manufacturers as well.

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This is just a sampling of the cities across Canada where job hunting is good right now. Start your search with Liberty Staffing today!


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