7 Key Traits of Great Temp Workers

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By Lisa Hutchinson

Topics: Hiring


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7-Key-Traits-of-Great-Temp-Workers.jpgWhat ensures a smooth transition into the workforce? How can you be sure who you’re bringing on will fit in with your team? How do you make sure the skills you’re hiring for will be put to good use for your business? 

Since business needs can change at the drop of a hat, many companies turn to hiring temp workers to fill in the gaps of full-time employees and to offer added support to specific projects. For hiring managers looking to bring on temp workers, looking for key traits and skills will helpensure a temp worker will be able to use his or her skills to their fullest in a new position. 

For job seekers looking to boost their skillset with temporary work, exhibiting these traits in your temporary position will help you get the most out of your placement. Here are seven key traits of great temp workers.

1. Punctual

Punctuality is important in making a strong professional impression, but it also matters when it comes to how you conduct yourself in the workplace. Punctuality and reliability are two sides of the same coin. Being able to rely on a worker to finish assignments on time and up to standard is incredibly important for someone running a business. And being dependable is an incredible way to build your professional reputation. 

2. Productive

Productivity in the workplace can look like a lot of different traits working together. Being productive, however, refers to the abilityto maintain productivity over a period of time, despite receiving new tasks, and to learn continuously. Great temp workers know that being productive and proving yourself is essential in every temp job they pursue, no matter the duration of the arrangement.

3. Adaptive

Adapting quickly to new work environments, technology, and co-workers is one of the most important traits highly effective temp workers can bring to the table. Since temporary workers are brought on board to help with a project or to fill in for a worker on leave, workers must be able to learn quickly and get the job done quickly, too.

4. Motivated

Workers who are motivated find validation in professional accomplishments and do their best to complete the task and even go above and beyond a hiring manager’s expectations. Even the most experienced and adaptive temp worker won’t add much value to your business without being motivated to work. Motivated individuals  are also easy to work with because you can use incentives to maximize productivity.

5. Self-Starting

Temporary workers who are self-starters have the unique ability to hit the ground running and fill in easily. For a position that relies on coming into a job either to complete a specific project or fill in for an absent worker, being able to work full steam ahead as of day one is crucial for efficient temp work.

6. Excellent Communicator

The ability to communicate well and clearly is necessary for success in any professional field. For temporary workers who must adjust quickly, clear communication about training progress, work maintenance, and availability is incredibly important to ensure a smooth transition and to make the most of the temp worker’s time in a position.

7. Honest

Honesty in the workplace is incredibly important to ensuring that professional channels of communication are well used and informative. Honesty goes beyond day-to-day exchanges, however, and starts at the very beginning with a temporary worker’s availability and goals. In order to get the job, temporary workers may say they have a certain availability, which could then prove not to be the case. Some temporary workers might take a job expecting it to turn into something full-time, leading to disappointment along the road. Honesty is the key tomake sure communication is clear and that expectations are met. 

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