Before, During, and Afterwards: Prepare for an Interview at Every Step

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By Lorna Faires

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Before During and Afterwards Prepare for an Interview at Every Step.jpgA job interview is often viewed as being somewhat daunting. Though things get easier with each interview, the nerves can persist. It is important, for this reason, to prepare for an interview. This will ensure a feeling of confidence that your interviewer will surely perceive.

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Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind as you prepare for an interview.


Before the Interview:

Do the Necessary Research

When you prepare for an interview, do your best to acquire some knowledge about the company. Make notes on the company culture, their goals, the company policies, and their mission. This is important not only to prepare you for possible interview qu

estions, but it will also give you some insight on whether or not you would be a good fit with that company. Measure your professional goals with that which is practiced in the company. This will give you the ability to answer questions much more confidently. Additionally, you will then be able to provide a personal touch to your answers.

Give Yourself Time to Breathe

Get to the venue early. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to get composed prior to the interview. As you prepare for the interview, rushing five minutes before will not do you any favours.

During the Interview

First, you have to nail the firm handshake. This detail may seem miniscule, but a handshake is often used to make an initial note about a person’s character. When you prepare for an interview, practice your handshake.

Be aware of yourself: pay attention to your body language, mannerisms, and speech.

Body Language and Mannerisms

It is important to try and maintain eye contact with your interviewer and be conscious of your posture.

If you know you have little tics like drumming your fingers, playing with your hair, etc., do your best to curb them. These can be very distracting for the interviewer, and will make you appear more nervous. When you prepare for an interview, get a friend or family member to help with a mock interview. This will allow you to realize and remedy any errors.

Verbal Communication

Be thoughtful with your language. As you prepare for an interview, think ahead to answering questions appropriately. Avoid speaking too casually and using slang. Be careful with humour (read the room before proceeding to make jokes).

Do not feel pressure to answer a question right after the interviewer finishes asking it. Take time to compose an answer before speaking. This will ensure that you deliver a coherent answer without rambling on and on.

Behaving well and being polite will not only increase your confidence and put forward a good impression to the interviewer, but it will also make the interviewer feel comfortable.

One last important tip: for the duration of the interview, keep your phone off. Save yourself from the embarrassment of having it ring or buzz during the interview.

After the Interview:


When asked if you have any questions as the interview comes to an end, a good thing to do when you prepare for an interview is to also think of appropriate questions beforehand. Do not ask questions that hold no weight, this will give the impression of a lack of preparation.

Thank you

While you prepare for an interview, a good habit to acquire is to send your interviewer a thank you note after your interview. This can be through email or by phone. This shows interest and can help you stand out. Apply-Now

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