Feel Like You’re Lacking Experience? Here’s How to Improve Your Resume

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By Ashley Martin

Topics: Job Search


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Feel Like You’re Lacking Experience- Heres How to Improve Your Resume.jpgThere’s no denying how important your resume is. It’s your calling card when you’re on the hunt for a new job. Before potential employers meet with you, they read through your resume and try to determine if you could be the right person for the job.

A lackluster resume is one reason people don’t get called in for interviews. You’ve probably heard stories about hiring managers tossing applications with so much as one typo in them.

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You still may not be landing interviews, even after you meticulously proofread. You might wonder if you need to improve your resume.

The Experience Conundrum

It’s a common job seeker challenge: An ad lists the job as “entry level,” but it still requires two or more years of experience. It can be discouraging for job seekers like you who are just starting out or switching career paths.

Even if you do go ahead and apply, you may have the sneaking suspicion you’re not getting called in for interviews due to a lack of experience. Even if you’ve worked your whole life, if you don’t have the experience in this particular sector, you might be passed over.

What can you do to improve your resume in this case?


If you’re lacking experience in a particular area, play up your educational achievements a little more. This is an especially good tactic for recent graduates or those who have just completed training courses pertinent to the job.

Up-to-date, relevant education can go a long way to impressing potential employers.

Co-Ops and Volunteer Work

Some educational programs include a co-op work term component as a requirement for graduation. If so, be sure you list this on your resume. It may not be “employment” per se, but it’s still valuable experience.

You should also list volunteer work relevant to the position you’re applying for. Maybe you haven’t actually had a job as a website developer yet but you offered your services on a volunteer basis. Listing these sorts of experiences, so long as they’re relevant, can boost your resume.

Include References

Want a quick and easy way to improve your resume? Include some references.

Many applicants submit a resume with the line “References available upon request.” If you want to stand out from the crowd, include your references. This has an added benefit: The potential employer can contact your references and learn more about you and why you’d be the right fit for the job.

Talk about Your Skills

Many job seekers tend to set aside skills on their resumes. Make yourself stand out by talking about your skill set. Employers are often interested to learn about soft skills.

Be truthful and honest.

If you’re not sure what your best attributes are, ask! Your recruiter can help you.

Use a Clever Design

On the one hand, an eye-catching design can help your resume stand out from the crowd. It becomes instantly memorable. Better yet, the employer is likely to want to look at it.

Others say the design of your resume should be standard. Designs can become busy or cluttered. A poor design could look unprofessional or be very difficult to read.

If you don’t have great design chops, stick with a clean look like the free ones offered by Canva.

With these tips, you can instantly improve your resume!


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