How a Staffing Agency Can Help Small Businesses Find Big Talent

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By Lisa Hutchinson

Topics: Staffing Services


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How_a_Staffing_Agency_Can_Help_Small_Businesses_Find_Big_TalentAs you gear up for a busy fourth quarter and the holiday season, you’re likely looking at filling roles around your business. Maybe these are new positions you’ve created as the business has expanded, or maybe they’re vacant because others have left for new opportunities elsewhere. Some of them may be temporary roles designed to help you through the busiest time of the year.

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No matter the reason for the vacancies, you have the same question.

How do you recruit top talent?

There are all sorts of tips and tricks for recruiting top talent, from using the right software to making sure you’re posting your job ad in the right places. One of the best tips, however, is to team up with a staffing agency. This is especially true for small businesses. The experts at the agency can help you find big talent when you need it most. Here’s how.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

Small business owners often think they need to do everything themselves. After all, you might be both the CEO and the VP of marketing. You also look after the books and payroll. Your other employees may similarly handle multiple roles.

This tendency often leads to a situation where you’re ready to take on any challenge, including hiring employees for your business. This isn’t your area of expertise though, and you often wonder if you’re doing a good job.

By teaming up with a staffing agency, like Liberty Staffing, you’re getting the help you need. The recruiters are experts in hiring, so they can help you improve your hiring process to find the right people when you need them.

Follow Market Trends with Ease

One of the things small business owners often come up against is trends in the job market. As a small business, you may not hire all that often. The market is constantly changing and evolving, and job seekers’ expectations change as well.

The staff at the recruitment firm, on the other hand, have made it their job to stay on top of hiring trends. They know which keywords you should be using and the latest techniques for screening candidates.

Access a Wider Network

Small business owners often work within a limited network of business contacts. You know a few people, and you have some connections in the local business community and on LinkedIn. Otherwise, you’re posting to big job sites with the hopes of finding the next talent for your business.

A staffing agency helps by expanding your network of contacts. The recruiters have a better idea of where to find the people you need to hire. They also have better access to passive candidates.

Streamlining the Hiring Process

The experts at a staffing firm can also help you streamline your hiring process. They’ll help you write better job descriptions, post in the places you need to post, and even screen and interview job candidates for you.

In turn, you can spend less time interviewing, and more time working on your core tasks.

Your hiring process, however, will be faster and smoother than ever. This helps you minimize downturns in production, and it means you get people on board sooner. It can also help you lower the cost of hiring.

Finding Big Talent for Your Small Business

The staffing agency will help you find the right talent for your business when you need it. The recruiters know where to look and how to assess candidates. By working together, you can hire the right people sooner. Get started today by contacting Liberty Staffing!

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Lisa Hutchinson

I started with Liberty Staffing in 2004 as the Regional Business Manager of the London office. I have over 20 years of experience in the customer service and retail sectors, as well as leadership experience including Store Management, People Development and Recruiting. In 2016, our London location moved to a larger office in order to accommodate growth of our business, which included adding a Clerical Division.

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