How Can Summer Employees Shift into Full Time Positions?

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By Lisa Hutchinson

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How_Can_Summer_Employees_Shift_into_Full_Time_PositionsSummer is starting to wind down, and with it, the end of summer contracts is approaching. Summer employees are likely wondering how they can shift into full time positions when fall arrives.

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There are several ways to work towards a full time position from your summer employment. Some summer employees may be able to transition to full time employment with the company they’re currently working for. Others may need to look elsewhere for full time work.

These ideas can help you secure a permanent position in the fall.

Summer Employees Should Stay until September

Many summer employees leave their employment during the last two weeks of August. Many, especially students, take these two weeks as a vacation before school starts.

If you are able to stay on until September, do so. If you’re looking for a full time position, this is an excellent way to showcase your dedication. It also means you may still be around when some of the fall employment positions open up.

Fall is the busiest hiring season for employers, and many of them do need to hire full time in the fall. So stick with it and the employer will most likely bring you on full time, or possibly permanently, if they have the openings available.

Showcase Your Work Ethic

Another way to help yourself transition into a full time position is to showcase your work ethic. Staying through the end of the summer, into September, is one good way to do this. Another is to do excellent work and maintain high productivity throughout your summer employment.

If an employer does have a full time position open, they’re more likely to consider someone who is already onboard and trained instead of hiring someone new. If you’ve done excellent work all summer, your employer may be excited to keep you on and bring you into a full time position.

Work with a Recruiter

If the employer does not have an opening available for you after your summer employment contract ends, and you do find yourself back on the job market, one thing you can do is work with a recruiter like Liberty Staffing. They can find full time positions faster than you can by yourself. They may even be able to find you positions with similar employers in the same industry or field, if that is what you are looking for.

Check Your Contract

Before you go, check the terms of your employment with your summer employer. Summer employees should always go over the terms of the contract before signing it, so you should already be familiar with the content.

If you need a refresher, check to see what the contract says about temporary to permanent employment or contract extensions. Some contracts won’t say anything, but some may have clauses that could help you make the shift to a full time position if one is available.

Prepare to Work Full Time

If you do secure full time employment after the summer, you may find yourself having some difficulty adjusting after working part time or on a temporary contract. Many former summer employees struggle with this.

Be sure to establish a good routine if you haven’t already. Factor in your commute, and think about meal preparation or when you’ll get to the gym. Taking care of yourself helps you be more productive at work. Managing your time effectively, both at work and at home, will help you feel more prepared for the demands of full time work.

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