How the Hiring Process Has Changed

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By Lisa Hutchinson

Topics: Hiring


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How-the-Hiring-Process-Has-Changed-1.jpgThere was a time when looking for a job meant printing out a thick stack of resumes and going door-to-door. The persistent job seeker would, CV in hand, drop in on local managers to find out if they were in need of new employees. 

While there are those who swear by the old methods, the hiring process has changed drastically in recent decades. These days, most job searches and applications are completed online. The ability to post job listings on a public forum has meant that businesses have seen an influx of applications for open positions, but it also means that job hunters have more opportunity than ever to find the role that’s right for them. 

While the change wrought by technology on hiring is fairly obvious, there are other ways that the hiring process has changed, which are equally significant. Understanding the alterations in the way hiring is conducted is important, for both the person looking for a job and the hiring manager looking to fill a vacancy.

Social Networking

Networking in order to find a job is nothing new; building mutually beneficial relationships to find work has always been an integral part of the way business is conducted. 

However, the way we network has changed significantly. With the rise of social media, it’s become much easier to connect with people who share similar interests. Social networking has become a huge force in hiring, with many job hunters and companies alike relying on social media connections to find qualified candidates. 

Platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter have been well integrated into both the recruiting side and the job search side. Reaching out to prospective employers or candidates is a great way of gauging interest as well as suitability for a position. 

This isn’t to say that older methods of networking have disappeared—there’s still a lot to be said for personal introductions and shaking hands with people in your industry. However, with the internet, you’re no longer limited to this form of networking. Social networking has increased the opportunities for connection.

More Information

While the rise of the internet and social networking means that there are more opportunities for making industry connections, it also means that there are more opportunities for employers to find out information about prospective employees. 

The hiring process is expensive, especially when the employee doesn’t end up working out. With more and more information shared online, many employers make an effort to learn as much as they can about a candidate before any final decisions are made. Whereas previously, references and word of mouth were the only real means for employers to find out if the candidate was a right fit, the abundance of personal information online now means that there is far more opportunity for employers to spot problems ahead of time. 

When you’re looking for a job, it’s good to be conscious of the fact that employers will likely type your name into Google at some point.

Recruitment Agencies

One of the biggest changes to hiring has been the increasing reliance on recruitment agencies, by both candidates and employers. While recruitment agencies have been around for some time, in recent years they’ve begun to play a much larger role in the hiring process.

Companies look to recruitment agencies to solve their staffing problems. They are looking for candidates who will be a good fit; hiring the wrong person to fill a role can be a very costly mistake. On the other hand, the competition for work means that many candidates need help getting attention in the employment market. Recruitment agencies are perfectly poised to help businesses and candidates alike. Their rigorous screening and training means that the prospective candidates they push forward are far more likely to work out. For the job hunter, the ability to work with individuals who have extensive experience in hiring can help transform the job search.  

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