How to Nail a Job Interview in the First 10 Minutes

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By Kelly Voisin

Topics: Job Search


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How to Nail a Job Interview in the First 10 MinutesAfter a long job search, you’ve finally landed a job interview. Maybe it’s the first of many to come. One thing is for sure; you’ll want to nail this interview.

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Most interviews last between a few minutes to an hour. The old saying that first impressions count is applicable here. Most interviewers have already formed an opinion of you within the first ten minutes. While you might be able to change their minds, you want to be sure your first impression is stellar.

At Liberty Staffing Services, we want you to succeed in your interview. These tips will help you nail a job interview within those first crucial minutes.

Be Prepared

Your first step is to be prepared. If you want to nail your interview within the first ten minutes, you need to be prepared. You should have done your research beforehand. Practicing some common interview questions is a must.

You should also be ready the second you leave the house or the office to head to an interview. Don’t wait until you get there or walk into the interview room to get into your role. Be on your best professional behaviour.

Anyone You Meet Could Be Your Interviewer

You may have heard stories about a job candidate rushing to get to the interview and cutting someone off in the parking lot, or being rude to someone in the hallway. Then, the person they were rude to enters the room as their interviewer.

You can avoid this embarrassing situation by being on your best behaviour. Anyone could be your interviewer, so make sure you treat everyone you meet with courtesy and respect. It will help you create a strong impression.

Be Ready for Small Talk

Almost everyone is nervous when they go into an interview. You may not feel much like engaging in small talk, but it will break the ice and help you relax.

Keep it professional. A long winded rant about traffic, or one of your co-workers at your current job isn’t professional, and it won’t wow your interviewer.

You can talk about your interests, particularly professional interests. A news item might be helpful here, or a sports team. If you can, look for clues about the interviewer’s own interests.

Create a Strong First Impression

Body language is almost as important as what you say during an interview. When you meet your interviewer, greet them with a firm handshake and eye contact. Throughout the interview, make eye contact, and keep your hands visible. Try not to fidget.

If you can, mirror your interviewer’s body language. If they’re smiling, you should be too. If they seem more serious, you can adopt a similar expression. This lets them know you’re thinking along the same lines.

When you enter the interview room, wait to be invited to sit. Be sure to sit up straight. If you have a habit of talking with your hands, be sure to keep it in check. Some gesturing is good to emphasize points, but too much is distracting.

Ask Questions

Most people wait until the end of the interview to ask questions. Even then, they often ask only at the interviewer’s urging. Instead, open your interview with questions that show you’ve done your homework.

Speak to your research about the company, the position, and even the interviewer. Ask about the demands of the role, and get some answers about the challenges the role offers. The interviewer is likely to be impressed.

If you wanted to know how to nail a job interview in the first few minutes, now you have a great place to start from. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll make a better first impression.


Kelly Voisin

Kelly Voisin is the Regional Business Manager of Liberty Staffing’s Kitchener branch location. Kelly first joined Liberty Staffing in 2006 as a Client Care Specialist. She is a Certified Human Resources Leader with over 10 years of experience in the staffing industry and 15 years of customer service experience. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys travelling and spending time with her dog. She loves summer and has been known to say, “life is better in flip flops!”

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