The Most Innovative Staffing Solutions You Need to Know About in 2017

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By Lisa Hutchinson

Topics: Hiring


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The Most Innovative Staffing Solutions.jpgIf your business is struggling with staff retention, it may be time to evaluate your work setting. This will help in figuring out what retains your staff and what drives them away, enabling you to fix any problems and maintain the positive aspects of the workplace.

This is especially vital if you have employees you want to keep. Give importance to maintaining a positive work environment for them.

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These solutions may seem minimal, such as recognizing the efforts of your employees and the hard work they do for the company, but a little goes a long way.

It takes some effort on the part of the employer to retain staff members. Here are a few staffing solutions to think about.

Get Them Involved

Recognize that all of your staff members were hired for the qualities and skills they possess. Employees are what keep businesses running smoothly. Try not to keep them in a box once hired.

One of the more valuable staffing solutions is to cultivate an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and speaking without reservation. Even if not in a particular department, let them provide feedback and showcase their talents and skills, instead of having to hinder them. Often, people have skills beyond their specific job role.

Foster a healthy team setting. This will allow your staff to feel utilized in their workplace, thus keeping them motivated to continue working hard for the company.

Use a Staffing Agency When Hiring

If you do not have the time to properly screen applicants, hire a staffing agency to aid in recruiting.

It isn’t solely education anymore that makes a candidate stick out to employers. Agreeing with the company culture is key when thinking about potential hires, which will then lead to higher employee retention.

This involves hiring strategically. Be attentive to qualities and work ethic in your star employees and look for that in new hires. Look for promising candidates with qualities that can be utilized, and who can blossom in your company.

Give Importance to Workplace Wellness

One of the more important, yet often forgotten, staffing solutions is giving importance to workplace wellness and health.

Acknowledging mental health is so essential when trying to retain staff. Mental health should be recognized and mental health days should be offered to employees.

The importance of sick days may be disputed, which is unfortunate. Unfortunately some employee policies assume workers will take advantage of sick days, but this only causes an inconvenience to coworkers. As a result, especially in a demanding position, people often tend to work until they burn out. If you notice an employee is notably more stressed, it will never hurt to inquire as to their mental state.

This is an asset nowadays with job seekers, especially with mental health being a prominent topic of discussion. As an employer, be sensitive to your employees’ mental state. Showing concern for the mental health of your staff will also help decrease their stress and increase their productivity.

Your employees will always appreciate when you exhibit concern for their wellness.

Keep the Workplace Relaxing

Keep the workplace relaxing…to a degree, of course.

On the same note as the previous point, employees should not feel work to be a daily burden. A job has demands and responsibilities—this is understood. However, the workplace shouldn’t induce stress or take away the wellbeing of its workers.

When thinking of staffing solutions for your company, think of how much work your staff has to do. Try and make a comparison with other businesses to make sure your employees aren’t being overworked and feel content in their positions.

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