Why You Should Turn to a Temp Agency When Considering a Career Change

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By Lorna Faires

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Why You Should Turn to a Temp Agency When Considering a Career Change.jpgYou might find that you’re at a point in your career when you realize you’re no longer satisfied with your current path or prospects. This dissatisfaction can stem from many areas including: lack of growth, no inspiration from working with your current colleagues, or simply finding that your career goals are no longer aligned with your position. Whatever your reasons may be, you’ll know when you’re ready to make a career change.

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But before you hit LinkedIn and start off on your job search, we have a seemingly unconventional suggestion for you. Check out a temp agency during your consideration period. Want to learn more about how a temp agency can help you plan for permanent career positions? We have a few important reasons why turning to temp recruiters can give you more clarity regarding a career switch. Check them out below.

Temp-to-Permanent Positions Allow you to Test Drive Career Paths

A career change can initiate a period of disruption in your life. You’re making a major shift in your everyday schedule as well as your long-term planning. You want to be certain that when you make the change you aren’t going to regret the choice you made.

Engaging with temp agencies on this matter can give you practical experience for different positions or industries or work. There are temp agencies like Liberty Staffing, that offer both temporary, permanent, and (most importantly) temporary-to-permanent placements. Temp-to-permanent work is an arrangement that’s ideal both for the candidate seeking a feasible career change, and their employer who wants to ensure they are a cultural fit for their company.

Temp agencies work with both employees and clients to reach a happy medium between what both parties want. If you find that the position you’re placed in doesn’t suit your skillset or goals, recruiters will help you find more applicable work.

Temp Agencies are Experts on Their Target Industries

Engaging with a temp agency gives you access to the vast knowledge of industry specialists. Liberty Staffing focuses on office, warehouse, and industrial fields, for instance. If you’re a candidate with suitable skillsets you’ll be able to consult them on what positions in these industries you’re best suited.

Temp agencies make it their whole business to zero in on specific fields of work and are always up-to-date on the latest trends and practices. Take full advantage of their services and get some in-depth research done on potential career paths that interest you. You might even have a very specific position or industry in mind that you want to pursue, and temp recruiters have you covered there, too. Just make sure you exhibit the things that recruiters want to see in professional candidates.

Recruiters Could Connect You with a Career Path You Haven’t Considered

Sometimes the biggest risk of making a career path change is to not take any risk at all. There’s been significant studies done on this subject and most agree that when it comes to leaving our current jobs, even if we’ve made a career out of them, is a productive move. When you’ve given the matter of switching careers constructive thought, and know that you’ll regret it if you don’t make a move, engaging with niche recruiters can give you major inspiration.

Working with niche temp agencies can open you up to opportunities with major transferable skills. You might find that you like the sound of a unique warehouse position you have relevant experience for, or that you have enough experience in a senior management position in one field that being an executive in an industrial one sounds like something you could handle.

Ready to make a career change? Like the sound of how temp agencies can facilitate that change? Consider registering with one today.


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