3 Smart Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

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By Ashley Martin

Topics: Job Search


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3_Smart_Questions_to_Ask_in_a_Job_InterviewThere inevitably comes a point in nearly every job interview where the interviewer will turn the tables and ask if you have any questions you’d like them to answer. This tactic might seem like a gesture of courtesy, but, in truth, it’s a critical juncture of the interview. Many applicants make the mistake of not having any questions prepared, and when they reply as such, the job opportunity may vanish. Not having your own set of questions for your interviewer can indicate to them that you’re not truly interested in the position and what it has to offer.

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Yet, it’s also not enough to simply ask any job-related questions. Asking candidate-centric questions like, “how much does this job pay” or “what is your benefits packages like?” can also give an interviewer the impression that you’re only interested in what the job can offer you in tangible benefits.

If you want some ideas for smarter questions to ask—that show you’re interested in building an authentic and mutually beneficial working relationship—check out three of the top questions to ask below.

1. What Goals is Your Company Trying to Reach?

Not only does this question show your interest in the company’s brand, but it’s a chance to open the dialogue about any potential solutions you might bring to the table if you’re hired on.

This is a question you should always keep in your repertoire for your job interview. That way, whether you’re called in for that job interview on short notice or you have a week to prepare, you have a particularly smart question for your interviewer. Depending on how the resulting conversation goes, it could be the question that gets you hired.

2. What is This Company’s Culture Like?

Cultural fit is a vital factor for an interviewer to evaluate in candidates. Having aligned values, work habits, and required soft skills will determine whether this job is one that you’ll be passionate about and want to stick with.

Asking this question will not only give you a glimpse of your potential employer’s work environment, it’s a question that helps your interviewer gauge if you’ll fit into that work environment.

A bonus related question that might arise during the conversation about cultural fit is how this potential employer evaluates success or performance. How an employer defines high performance tells you a lot about what they value in their employees. This related question also shows the interviewer that you’re considering what you can bring to the table.

The key to acing any interview is showcasing not only your skills and experience, but your engagement with the potential employer as well. This question as a follow up to the first question proves that you’re a serious-minded candidate who’s not just looking for any job, but a job that you’ll excel at.

3. Is There Anything We Haven’t Covered or That I Can Do to Help with the Next Steps?

This last question might seem bold at first glance, but remember that it’s always important to end your interview on a confident note. You need to lay the groundwork for the next steps, especially if the interview was a productive one. Asking clarifying or followup questions shows your interviewer that you’re attentive and detail-oriented.

This last question will help fill in any information gaps and allows you to get contact information for anyone you met during the interview process. It’s always a good idea to send a followup/thank you email to the interviewer(s) later on.

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