3 Tips for Balancing Daytime Responsibilities With Night Shift Work

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By Bethany Gallea

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3-Tips-for-Balancing-Daytime-Responsibilities-with-Night-Shift-WorkNight shift work isn’t easy, and yet 1.8 million Canadians work night shift positions. That’s about 12% of working Canadians, which means that there are a lot of people out there who are facing the unique challenges that come with night work.

Common night shift jobs include: medical professionals (especially in emergency departments and hospitals), air traffic controllers, police officers, firefighters, security guards, taxi and rideshare drivers, hotel clerks, customer service representatives, factory workers, janitorial service workers, and custodians. 

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Some people seek out night shift work because they prefer it. There are countless reasons why people take on night shifts. For example, the commute is often easier because there is less traffic at night. The pay rate is likely higher, and you have more flexibility in your daytime hours. Another great thing about working nights is that you open yourself up to opportunities to take classes and go to school during the day. There are also fewer meetings during your work hours to break up your day. Many night shift workers even find that there is less competition for jobs because fewer people are interested in working overnight shifts. 

Of course, the big challenge to all of this is balancing daytime life with night shift work. Most people work traditional hours. You’ll likely be on a different schedule than most of the other people in your life. 

At Liberty Staffing, we help people find great jobs. That includes night shift work. We have learned a lot about what strategies help people succeed at transitioning to a whole new work schedule. Here are the three best things you can do to manage the night shift routine. 

1. Believe in the Value of Work-Life Balance 

You have a right to experience balance in your life. There should be equilibrium between your work life and your personal life. Sometimes, night shift workers lose track of this balance because it seems like everything revolves around the adjustment to working nights and getting enough sleep during the day. 

That’s why our first tip is to keep work-life balance at the forefront of your mind when you’re adjusting to your new schedule.

2. Establish a Sleep Routine

This is so important, especially when you’re first getting started on the night shift. 

Sleep is essential to our physical and mental health. To establish a good sleep routine, try the following: have a set bedtime every day (rather than sleeping when you feel like it), try to get up at the same time every day, keep the same general sleep routine on days off because drastic changes can lead to inconsistent sleep patterns, communicate with your family/roommates about what they can expect from your new sleep schedule and what they can do to support you, and lastly, if you’re still having trouble sleeping, speak to your doctor. 

3. Develop a Schedule

Your sleep isn’t the only thing that needs to be scheduled. Starting a night shift job means re-thinking when you do your daytime activities. 

When it comes to establishing a schedule, the first thing to decide is if you want to start or end your daily routine with your work shift. Some people thrive on this routine: wake up in the afternoon, run errands and enjoy personal time, work their night shift, come home, and go straight to bed. Others prefer something that looks more like this: get up in the evening, work their shift, go home and enjoy personal time, run errands, and then go to bed. 

This is really just a matter of preference, and you may need to try both options out before you finalize your routine. Regardless, having a regular schedule will help your life feel more organized as you work nights. 

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