4 Reasons Why Your Employees Should Be Your Top Focus This Year

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4-reasons-why-your-employees-should-be-your-top-focus-this-year-thumbWith all of the challenges of running a business, it can be easy to overlook the importance of supporting and valuing your employees. The pressure to increase profits and keep things running smoothly is intense, but you can’t forget about your employees!

There are several reasons why your employees should be your top focus this year. Let’s take a look at how to prioritize your workers and their satisfaction–and why that is so important to do!

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1. Happier Employees Are More Productive

There are so many conversations happening worldwide about productivity and how to maximize it. Some companies are demanding that everyone return to the office because they are concerned about declining productivity. Yet some say that remote workers are just as productive as in-person workers. 

Employers are constantly experimenting with methods for employee feedback, developing incentive programs, and trying to figure out how to increase productivity. 

One of the things that gets overlooked too often is happiness. Happy workers are more productive than unhappy ones. Make your employees your top focus this year to improve their happiness at work. Not only will everyone enjoy work more than before, but you will see more revenue from having a happier workplace. 

2. Satisfied Employees Build a Better Workplace Culture

Considering the research on happiness, it makes sense that satisfied employees also build a better workplace culture.

The phrase “workplace culture” refers to a workplace’s shared values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours. These things combined give a company its culture. A healthy culture always values its employees and makes everyone feel connected and included. 

Workplace culture is affected by a lot of factors, including:
- Management style
- Workplace policies
- The physical layout of the office or facility
- Compensation and benefits
- The behaviour of those in leadership

A strong, positive culture increases employee engagement and satisfaction, which in turn increases retention. If your workplace is toxic or negative, that hampers productivity, fosters distrust, and increases turnover. 

3. How You Treat Your Employees Builds Your Reputation 

What is a business’s reputation based on? Yes, your products or services say a lot about you, and you can build a reputation for excellence in your industry. However, even great products or services often can’t outweigh the damage done to your reputation by angry and unsatisfied employees. 

It’s normal for people to talk about work, including what they like and dislike. If your employees feel overworked, undervalued, or otherwise unappreciated, that is going to seep into their conversations about their experiences on the job. It only makes sense that the friends, family, and community members who hear about your workplace are going to end up thinking poorly of you. 

On the other hand, if you develop a strong reputation in your community as an employer that cares about its employees and takes care of them, that is going to help you build more relationships, find more customers, and improve your standing in the community. 

4. When Your Employees Are Happy, Your Costs Go Down

There are financial costs associated with worker dissatisfaction. For example, it costs money every time you have to recruit, onboard, and train a new worker. If you have high rates of turnover, you’re going to spend more money on filling open positions. If people stay with your company for years–or even their entire career– you have significant savings in your recruitment and training budgets. 

You also benefit from lowered costs related to absenteeism and fewer accidents on the job. Plus, satisfied employees increase revenue by providing better customer service and engaging in more creative problem-solving! 

Ideas for Making Your Employees Your Focus This Year

Let’s take a look at some ways to boost the morale of your employees and start seeing the benefits that we have gone over. 

- Offer training and development opportunities
- Provide clear goals and feedback
- Recognize achievements and milestones
- Encourage work-life balance
- Listen to ideas and input from your team
- Foster an inclusive environment for everyone
- Evaluate and update compensation/benefits so that you are competitive 
- Improve communication from leadership
- Promote health and wellness
- Conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys

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