5 Benefits of Bringing in Temp Workers

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By Lorna Faires

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5_Benefits_of_Bringing_in_Temp_Workers.jpgBy now, you’ve probably realized that a shift is occurring in the workforce. More companies are now relying heavily on temporary workers.

Temporary work is booming in the country, and for good reason. Hiring temp workers has many benefits over hiring more permanent, full-time employees.

If you’re considering bringing on temp workers, here are just some of the advantages you’ll receive.

1. Workforce Flexibility

Workforce flexibility is probably the biggest benefit of hiring temporary workers. If your employees get sick, go on leave, or quit suddenly, or if demand suddenly increases, you can call temp workers to your rescue. You can fill your hiring needs quickly with virtually no lead time. Plus, you have no commitment of having to keep them on once your regular employees come back to work or your demand slows down—you can just send them on their way without penalty.

Having workforce flexibility allows you to have exactly as many workers on site as you need, whenever you need. You can get the coverage you need to meet your deadlines and meet your clients’ needs to boost your bottom line, improve efficiency and effectiveness to increase customer service, and adjust more easily to ever-changing staffing issues and workforce fluctuations.

2. Reduced Costs

When you hire temp workers, all you have to pay is their hourly wages and the temp staffing agency’s fee. That’s it. You don’t have to pay for the administrative overhead of onboarding, training, human resources, or payroll. You don’t have to include them in your health and dental benefits, stocks, or pension plan. And you don’t have to pay for vacation days, sick days, EI, or CPP, either. The staffing agency will take care of all of these accumulated costs.

Compared to a new permanent, full-time employee, a temp worker costs significantly less for the same work being done, and is a more cost-effective option for your short-term needs.

In addition, hiring temp workers can also reduce your costs of overtime. Instead of paying your employees time and a half or double time to cover additional shifts when you’re short, you can pay a temp worker a straight wage instead.

3. Access to Specialized Skills

Every once in a while, you might have short-term special projects come up that your current workforce doesn’t have the skills or experience to handle. You might have a skills gap in your organization that temporary workers can help bridge. Through your temp staffing agency, you can find temps with the exact specialized skills, certification, training, and education that you need for those special projects.

4. Improved Morale

When your employees are forced to work double shifts, to work nights and weekends, and to take on extra roles and responsibilities because you’re shorthanded, morale can quickly decrease. Your employees can get stressed, become exhausted, and burn out. This stress can reduce productivity, increase the risk of errors and accidents, and increase your turnover.

Temp workers can take on the extra duties so your employees don’t have to. They can give your employees the help they need.

5. Save Time

Hiring new employees is time consuming. You take on the administrative burden of recruiting and hiring, skills testing, onboarding, training, and filling out paperwork. You also take on the burden of withholding deductions and calculating pay cheques. Any extra full-time employee will mean more work for your other departments, like accounting and HR.

But partner with a staffing supplier to hire temp workers, the agency becomes their employer, not you. So these burdens are not on your shoulders. You get the help, without the time-consuming administrative burden that comes with it. You get to save time.

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