5 Benefits of Hiring an Administrative Assistant

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By Bethany Gallea

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Assistant-Greeting-ClientNo matter what industry you’re involved in, there’s an administrative side to your business operations. “Administration” usually refers to tasks such as scheduling, writing policies, and record keeping. Though people who do administrative jobs are sometimes thought of as “pencil-pushers,” they help keep businesses running smoothly.

What benefits could your business realize by hiring an  Administrative Assistant through Liberty Staffing? You might be surprised.

1. An Administrative Assistant Frees Up Your Time

You’ve just had a flash of insight for your next great marketing slogan, but you have to finish payroll before you can jot it down. You need to prepare for an important meeting with potential investors, but you’re busy answering the phone.

Do these situations sound familiar? If so, hiring an Administrative Assistant could make sense for your business.

The assistant can handle all clerical duties, such as scheduling meetings, running reports, and answering the phone. With the assistant clearing these tasks off your desk, you’ll have more time for what you really need to focus on. When everyone plays to their strengths, it will be easier for you to focus on growing the business.

2. Administrative Assistants Streamlines Clerical Duties

Every business owner procrastinates about one duty or another. Sometimes, it’s just because you’re busy. Other times, it’s because the task is not your favourite.

If you tend to leave tasks like booking travel and accommodations to the last minute, you could be running up your costs. Scheduling last minute meetings may also hurt the business more than you know. If you leave your meeting preparation until five minutes before the meeting, the consequences could be far reaching.

Administrative Assistants can help by streamlining all these tasks. By booking travel early, they are able to make sure you’re getting the best deal. By running your reports earlier, they’ll make sure you have time to adequately prepare for that important meeting.

3. The Communication Hub to Connect Everyone

Administrative Assistants are something like a switchboard operator. Communication may be centralized through them. They can take and relay messages to various employees, then follow up with clients and vendors.

This often smooths relations between different parties, as well as making communication more seamless. Instead of a vendor becoming frustrated because they can’t reach someone in accounting about an unpaid invoice, they know they can reach out to the Administrative Assistant. If a customer is having trouble with a product, Administrative Assistants can connect them to the right department.

4. A Welcoming Presence in the Office

If your customers or vendors typically visit you on site, an Administrative Assistant becomes a friendly, welcoming face. They’ll be the person who greets visitors arriving on site and helps them connect with the right people.

People form opinions very quickly, so having an assistant ready to greet vendors and customers when they walk through the door is a must if you want to make a good impression.

5. They Can Offset Your Weaknesses

Everyone has their strengths. As a manager or business owner, yours might be in sales or marketing. You may even be quite talented at organization. Maybe you’re more of an idea person.

A skilled Administrative Assistant can help you fill the gaps by offsetting your weaknesses. You might be great with marketing, but you’re less skilled at customer service. Maybe you have visionary ideas, but writing company policy isn’t your strong suit. The assistant can help.

Hire the Administrative Assistant You Need

Whether you need someone to look after scheduling and answer the phones, or you’re hoping to get some help with other clerical tasks, hiring an assistant to help you with the administrative side of your business is a great idea. Liberty Staffing Services could help you find the perfect fit!

Bethany Gallea

As the Regional Business Manager for our Woodstock office, I bring over 10 years of management experience in the service industry with a focus on building strong client relationships and getting results. My key focus has always been on people. Whether recruiting, staffing, training, or coaching, I try to create a safe, fun, and trusting environment for all. Some of my favourite activities/hobbies include playing with my kids, walking with our dog, and trying new recipes. Nothing says quality time like family, good friends, and great food!

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