5 Jobs That Require Data Entry Skills

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By Lorna Faires

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5_Jobs_That_Require_Data_Entry_SkillsMany of today’s jobs relate to technology in one way or another. As a result, many of the in-demand skills are related to computers, software, and data. Data is, in fact, one of the hurdles facing most of today’s businesses. There is more data than ever before, which means businesses need a number of people to handle it.

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One of the common skills required is data entry. These five jobs require data entry skills. If you’re just starting out, one of them could be a good place to hone your skills.

1. Health Information Technicians Need Data Entry Skills

If you’ve done research on the health information sector, you could probably guess most people on this career path need data entry skills.

Health information technicians work with medical records, ensuring patient files and other records are kept up to date. They ensure compliance with the healthcare system’s regulatory requirements, as well as ethical and legal requirements.

As more doctors’ offices move away from paper records to electronic health records, more health information technicians will be needed. Data entry will likely continue even after paper records have been converted, as data will need to be moved between legacy systems and between programs.

2. Legal Secretaries Should Be Familiar with Data Entry

Another job requiring data entry skills is that of the legal secretary. Legal secretary is a highly specialized profession, which entails preparing legal papers and correspondence. You might also assist with legal research.

It should be clear why skills in data entry will benefit the legal secretary. Sometimes, you’ll need to enter data from paper forms that are submitted or processed. In other cases, you’ll need to move data between programs in order to prepare summonses, subpoenas, and more.

3. Data Entry Clerks Must Have These Skills

This is probably the most obvious job where data entry will be required. After all, data entry clerks are hired for these specific skills.

In most cases, the data entry clerk’s primary role is data entry. These positions are often entry level, which gives you the chance to start honing your skills. More senior data entry clerks can command higher wages, and they may be able to translate their skills to other areas as well.

4. Billing Clerks Will Need to Perform Data Entry

Another entry level position that requires data entry skills is in the accounting department. Accounts payable and billing clerks will need some serious skills in data entry to keep things moving quickly and error free.

Good data entry is key in the accounting department. If a clerk makes a mistake, a customer may be charged the wrong amount, or the wrong account may be credited with a payment. This can lead to confusion, and wasted time and effort as you try to correct the mistake.

5. Office Clerks of All Types Must Be Familiar with Data Entry

One additional type of role that requires data entry is the office clerk. Office clerks often fulfill many different tasks, and you’ll occasionally be tasked with data entry.

Office clerk can be an entry level position, so this can be another role to consider if you want to gain some experience in data entry. More senior positions do exist as well.

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