5 Myths about Temp Workers, Debunked

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By Lisa Hutchinson

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5-Myths-about-Temp-Workers-Debunked.jpgThere are a lot of myths about temporary workers floating around, many of which cast a negative light on their abilities. At the same time, the demand for temporary workers is increasing dramatically in Canada, with more and more companies turning to temps to fill positions. While these two things may seem irreconcilable, there’s a simple reason for this: Companies now realize the most common myths about temporary workers just aren’t true. Contrary to the myths that surround them, temporary workers can make wonderful contributions to your company.

Myth #1:Temp Workers Are Unemployable

One of the most common misconceptions about temporary workers is that they’ve paired up with a staffing agency because they’re unable to find employment on their own. The reality is quite different. 

Many people who take on temporary work do so because they want more flexibility in their career paths. Whether it’s the opportunity to experience a certain industry or the ability to make significant lifechanges in the near future, many temporary workers would have no problem finding more “regular” work, but it’s just not what they’re looking for.

Myth #2: Temp Workers Are Unreliable

This myth arises from the idea that because temporary workers aren’t directly accountable to the companiesthey’re temping for, they make for unreliable employees. While it’s true temp workers are employed by staffing agencies, not the companies they temp for, they actually tend to be more reliable than other workers. 

This is because staffing agencies have a thorough vetting process for anyone they represent. If the staffing agency believed someone wouldn’t be accountable, it wouldn’t risk its reputation by recommending the job seeker for the position.

Myth #3: Temp Workers Only Perform Entry-Level Jobs

The common stereotype of temporary workers represents them as individuals who only fill in for administrative or entry-level positions. These workers can actually fill a wide variety of different jobs, many of which require extraordinarily specialized skill sets.

Temporary jobs are in demand in fields where there is a need for a very specific type of work. These jobs require a great deal of expertise and training and are increasingly being filled by temporary workers whose specialization makes them ideal for work on short-term projects.

Myth #4: Temp Workers Are Unqualified

Perhaps because of the popular stereotype of temporary workers as administrative or other entry-level employees, another common myth about temps is that they work temporary jobs because they’re unqualified for other employment opportunities.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of reasons why someone would choose temporary work, including the opportunity for more flexibility. There are many temps working in highly specialized fields and roles that require a great deal of qualification. Staffing firms represent individuals they can be sure meet the latest industry standards in terms of training and expertise. As a result, when you pair with a staffing agency to hire temporary workers for your own company, you can actually count on getting temps who are highly qualified for the position.

Myth #5: Temp Workers Can’t Be Hired on FullTime

The final myth about temporary workers is that, should you like their work, you would be unable to hire them on full-time at your company. There are no rules stipulating that employeeshired initially as tempscan’t become full-time employees if they’re working out well in their positions. The possibility of this work really comes down to the individuals themselves, and whether or not they’re interested in transitioning out of temporary roles. Many temp workers do go on to become full-time employees at the companies they’ve temped for, and many companies find hiring temporary workers a great opportunity for finding people who would make a great fit in the longterm.

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