5 Reasons to Hire College and University Students

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: Hiring


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5 Reasons to Hire College and University Students-1Spring has sprung once again, and with the longer days and April showers comes a flood of college and university students seeking work. 

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As an employer, there are some very good reasons to hire students this spring and summer. Here are a few of the best reasons to consider hiring them.

1. College and University Students Want to Work

Once classes have ended, most college and university students are dedicated and ready to work. They have four short months to make money for tuition and other living expenses. Since they know they only have a certain amount of time, they’re often highly motivated.

2. It Helps You Manage Your Workforce

While many businesses see a “summer slump,” some definitely don’t. Those in the construction, or roofing industry know they’ll face maximum productivity when the nice weather returns. The same goes for those manufacturing barbeques, camping materials, etc. Those involved in these industries are well aware that the summer represents high tide for their businesses.

Even if your business does slow down a touch during the summer months, you may still benefit from hiring a student or two. Most of your permanent workforce will be taking their own summer vacations, which can leave you with a smaller workforce.

Having students on staff temporarily can help you keep operations running, even when many people are away. If you have concerns about upcoming vacations, hiring a student could be the answer.

3. You Can Tackle Special Projects

Hiring college and university students may also allow you to tackle special projects you wouldn’t otherwise get to complete. An example might be painting the office, or converting old paper files into digital records in your new database.

This is often important work, but your regular staff members don’t have time to carry it out. A student could provide the helping hands you need to complete these tasks.

4. You May Find Your Next Great Employee

Today’s college and university students are the workforce of tomorrow. The students you hire on today may not be working on your team permanently right now as they complete their studies, but you may want to consider bringing them back in the future.

A job with your company could give a student relevant experience in their field of study. At the same time as they’re gaining practical experience, you might discover your next great employee. A student employee who shows promise may be someone you encourage to apply after graduation.

5. They May Stay On or Come Back When You Need Them

Many students appreciate ongoing work opportunities. As you no doubt know, employers may need to hire at any time of the year. You may have a busy summer, then experience a holiday rush as well. Your business may be growing or another employee may leave, freeing up a position.

If your summer students have demonstrated their skills and dedication, why wouldn’t you invite them back for the holiday rush or even next summer? You may even convince them to stay on when September rolls around.

There are many great reasons to hire college and university students this spring and summer. If you’re planning to hire this summer, work with Liberty Staffing to find the right students for your business.


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