5 Tips for Finding Office Jobs

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By Bethany Gallea

Topics: Hiring


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5 Tips for Finding Office Jobs.jpgIt can be disheartening trying to apply for work, especially if you feel you need more experience to get the position you want. Don’t despair! If you are unable to find a part-time or full-time position, look into starting with a temporary job, or search for contractual work with a company.

If you are new to a certain field, entry-level office jobs are effective in getting your foot in the door. What’s more, they’re a good integration into any company.

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If it so happens that this is your first time applying for a job, stay positive. Everyone has experience of some kind, even though it may not come from a professional work setting. You could have valuable experience that is transferrable to a position, even if it doesn’t sound exactly like the job post details. When going through positions, look for some key words or skills that sound similar to something you know would be relevant to you. Apply to those positions and be sure to elaborate on those strengths when you send out your resume or go for an interview.

Let’s carry on and discuss a few tips for finding office jobs.

1. Widen Your Search

When applying for office jobs, look into a variety of industries. Although certain positions may seem the most appealing or lucrative, you can always look beyond the corporate world to arts organizations, not-for-profit organizations, schools, hospitals, and other similar sectors. Part-time and full-time workers are more often needed in these environments.

In addition, seek out startup companies. Startups or smaller companies are also usually more in need of part-time workers in comparison to bigger companies. You can never predict where these positions can take you.

2. Be Sensible

Look for office jobs that are appropriate to your level of experience. Sometimes, job hunting becomes more difficult for people due to the types of jobs they apply for. It will not help applying for senior positions if your experience is limited. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t aim high—but it’s good practice to secure an office job first, and then aim to climb the ladder.

Don’t be opposed to working entry-level jobs to start. Especially if you need to gain experience in your field, entry-level office jobs are a great starting point. It will make looking for future jobs much easier.

3. Look into Staffing Agencies

If you really don’t know where to start looking, enlist the help of a staffing agency. These agencies have access to an array of office positions: from entry-level to senior roles.

According to the job criteria and the education and skills you offer, they will be able to find opportunities you wouldn’t be able to find on your own. Trust them to help guide you along the right path.

4. Sell Yourself Unapologetically

A lot of the time, thinking we lack experience hinders us from applying to different positions. Never feel the need to apologize for not having work experience. Think of any and all skills garnered from your past; this can be through school, volunteering, or just life in general, and sell yourself with confidence.

Highlight your abilities and show a willingness to learn, too. Many successful job interviews are brought about by how individuals present themselves.

5. School Holds Weight

Do not underestimate your degree. Utilize the skills you acquired while in college, university, or through whatever educational path you’ve taken. Often we learn more than we think, you’d be surprised by what your training can do.

Consider your future career while at school to help with your educational path. Additionally, think of the assignments you did, for example: did you need to work in a group? How much creativity did you need to put forth? Consider analytical skills, writing skills, teamwork, etc. All of this can be applied to your next job.


Bethany Gallea

I’m the Regional Business Manager of Liberty Staffing Services in Woodstock. I am an experienced manager with over 10 years of customer service, client relations, health and safety, and staffing experience. I have combined experience and training from retail, food and beverage, and staffing industries.

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