How to Get an Entry-Level Office Position

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By Lorna Faires

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How_to_Get_an_Entry-Level_Office_Position.jpgWhen you’re seeking an entry-level office position, you might go straight to the online job boards. That’s the standard process, right? Especially when you don’t have any leads or network connections. So you start sifting through postings and sending out your resume and cover letter to hiring managers. And then…all you hear is silence. That’s because looking online for an entry-level office position isn’t your best bet. It’s almost futile. It’ll just waste a lot of time and it will get you down. You shouldn’t be discouraged on your job search and you shouldn’t be sending applications out for several months without hearing a peep from potential employers. It’s a waste of time and effort. You just get lost in the sea of job seekers. You have bills to pay. You need a better, simpler approach to your job search.

Online job boards might be popular, but they’re not actually very effective. There’s an easier way to get an entry-level office position: apply to a staffing firm. Here’s why you should work with recruiters instead of seeking out office work on your own.

No More Legwork

When you’re spending your days, nights, and weekends on the search for a job, you don’t have much time left over to do anything else. Job postings consume all of your thoughts, and writing cover letters and emails consumes all of your time. But when you work with a staffing agency, you won’t have to do this legwork anymore. You can get your time back.

Your recruiter will review your skills, experience, and interests, and search for suitable positions for you. The staffing firm will only match you to jobs that you can do well and jobs that you would enjoy—your interests are top priority. And best of all? These services are free to you.

Your Much-Needed Referral

When it comes to the job search, it’s all about who you know. But what if you don’t know anyone? It can be difficult to get noticed, to stand out, to make an impact through the words on your resume. That’s why it’s so important to have a recruiter on your side. Recruiters work closely with hiring managers, and they build trusting relationships with them. So when your recruiter tells an employer that you’re the person for the job, the manager will take notice. With a staffing firm, you’ll get a much-needed referral from someone who is trusted by the company.

Cut through the Competition

Let’s face it. The competition for entry-level office jobs is fierce. Relatively little experience and skills are needed, so many people apply. When you apply via an online job board, you’re likely competing against at least a hundred other applicants just like you. It can be difficult to be given a shot with those terrible odds.

But a staffing firm can give you access to a wealth of other job opportunities that aren’t advertised online, or anywhere else. And since they’re not advertised, the competition will be drastically lower, increasing your odds of getting an interview, and the job.

Don’t Go at It Alone

When you’re looking for an entry-level office position, there’s no reason to go at it alone. There’s no reason to waste your time on online job boards and futile job-seeking efforts. And there’s no reason to get discouraged. In one simple step, you can be closer to the entry-level office position that you’re looking for. Applying to a staffing firm can save you time, open doors, offer a wealth of new opportunities, and cut through the competition so you can get hired faster. When you’re searching for an entry-level office position, get in touch with a staffing firm first.

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