5 Ways to Reduce Turnover for Warehouse Workers and Teams

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5-Ways-to-Reduce-Turnover-for-Warehouse-Workers-and-TeamsIt’s no secret that turnover can cost your business a lot. That’s why so many HR professionals work to limit its impact on the bottom line.

You may have noticed that your warehouse team seems to be turning over more often. There’s increased demand for warehouse workers, and there’s also been increased stress on them over the last few months, as many can be considered “frontline workers.” In some areas, you could be facing additional competition.

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How do you hang on to your talented warehouse workers? Liberty Staffing Services would like to provide you with these five tips to help you reduce turnover.

1. Hire the Right Help

Most turnover happens as a result of poor employer-employee fit. You hire someone, only to realize later that they don’t really “fit in” to your company culture. 

In most cases, the employee is not happy either, and they’re likely to leave. Instead of attempting to retain them, look instead at your hiring process. Having the right job descriptions, the right screening process, and even asking the right interview questions can make a world of difference.

When you hire for fit, employees are more likely to stick with you.

2. Outline Career Paths in the Warehouse

Another reason many employees decide to leave their warehouse job is that they don’t see any opportunity to move up. They see it more as a temporary job then a career. 

You should help these employees see the path forward. In most warehouses, there is a clear career path. In fact, there are often several different roles that employees can move up into as they continue to build their career.

These paths aren’t always visible to employees, so be sure to highlight them. You may also want to showcase the steps associates can take right now to build their career in the right direction.

3. Set Expectations and Communicate Progress

Your employees will be more productive when they have goals to work towards. You should outline expectations for your warehouse workers and teams from the start. Even when you’re onboarding new team members, you can set expectations for their performance.

Once you’ve communicated these expectations, you need to follow up with your team members. Are they meeting, or exceeding expectations? Where are they struggling, and how can you help them achieve their goals?

Communicating progress will help team members feel like they’re on the right track. That, in turn, motivates them to keep striving for those goals.

4. Recognizing Accomplishments

What do you do when someone exceeds your expectations? If the answer is “nothing,” this is another area of improvement for your warehouse worker retention strategy.

Employees who feel their hard work isn’t recognized, or that their contributions don’t matter, are more likely to leave your business. Recognizing employees’ accomplishments lets them know you see them, and you appreciate their efforts.

It also sends a message to your other team members, which could motivate them to work harder too.

Recognition can often be as simple as saying “thank you”, or congratulating someone on a job well done. You can also go the extra mile for employees, offering them small gifts, or even an award for their accomplishments.

5. Review Your Compensation Package

Finally, take a look at the compensation you offer to your warehouse workers. Is it competitive, or can they go elsewhere and get a better deal?

Remember to look at total compensation, not just hourly wage or salary. Benefits and other perks offer team members more value, often without costing your business much more.

With the right compensation, recognition, and more, your warehouse workers will be much more likely to stay with your business for the long haul.

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