6 Cost Efficient Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Team

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6-cost-efficient-ways-to-say-thank-you-to-your-teamA little appreciation goes a long way, as more studies are proving. Employers around the world are recognizing that their employees want to be seen and recognized. Saying “thank you” for the hard work they do helps them feel appreciated and valued.

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You don’t need to break the bank to say “thank you” to your team. Here are six cost efficient ways to let your team know they matter.

1. Say “Thank You”

Perhaps the simplest and most cost effective way to say “thank you” is just to say the words to your team members.

Try to get into the habit of saying thank you whenever your team members go above and beyond, or when they complete a difficult task.

You should also combine verbal thank yous with a few other options on this list to show your team you really appreciate them.

2. Give Kudos in Team Emails

Another easy and cost efficient way to say thanks is to call attention to someone’s efforts in a team email. If you have a weekly, or monthly newsletter, try to include a section that recognizes various team members.

You can thank employees who go above and beyond. You can also recognize outstanding customer service skils, or those who have been working with you for a while. You may even want to create an award, such as employee of the month, that includes a special shout-out in the team email.

3. Throw a Pizza Party

Has your team been working on a particularly tough assignment? Maybe there’s a project they just completed under deadline, or maybe they won a big account.

Whatever the accomplishment, you could celebrate with a pizza party, or something similar. This is a cost effective lunch that all employees can be invited to.

Keep this type of thank you in your back pocket for truly special occasions.

4. Give Them a Break

Another simple and cost efficient way to reward members of your team is to give them a break, literally. Allow the team to take a long lunch, or an extra 15 minute break. You may consider handing out some additional time off, particularly if the team worked overtime to get a big project completed, or had to work through holidays.

Employees will appreciate the additional time, especially if they’ve been working hard, and working extra shifts. With some bonus time off, they can restore their creative juices, and feel rewarded.

5. Give Out Gift Certificates

A small token of appreciation can go a long way. If your team members have been working extra hard, you might say thank you by giving out gift certificates. You might consider a $5 or $10 gift card to a local coffee shop. 

You could also give these cards with awards, such as employee of the month, or other designations to recognize outstanding employees. 

6. Send a Card

You don’t have to put a thank you card in the mail, but it can be surprising and unexpected to receive one. A hardworking employee will be tickled pink to find a note in their locker, or on their desk.

A card is a simple, effective way to tell a worker that you see and value their contributions to the team. It’s incredibly cost effective, and it brings a little bit of delight to an employee’s day.

There are many other ways to say thanks to your team for a job well done, but these are easy to implement and are cost effective. Give credit where credit is due, and your team will be happier, productive, and will stay on for years with your company. 

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