5 Wellness Tips That Boost Employee Motivation

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By Lorna Faires

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5_Wellness_Tips_That_Boost_Employee_MotivationEvery January, you and your employees no doubt make resolutions for a better year ahead. Some of your goals might pertain to health and fitness. Other goals could be related to work.

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What if you could help your employees master both health and fitness while assisting them in the workplace? It is possible. You can use these tips to help your employees make their lifestyles healthier, while at the same time improving their motivation in the workplace.

1. Ask Employees What They Want

Some of your employees are already motivated to achieve their health and fitness goals. Others are less concerned about their wellness. They may know some of their habits are unhealthy, but they may think it’s too difficult to make changes.

As an employer, the best thing you can do is talk to your employees. What will help them get on the wellness wagon and stay there?

You may wonder how this helps you. Employee motivation is powerful, as it leads to higher engagement and productivity. There’s plenty of evidence that shows wellness ties back to motivation, so the healthier your employees are, the more motivated they’re likely to be.

2. Help Employees Analyze Their Risks

Another thing an employer can do is provide a confidential platform for employees to use when assessing their health. Sometimes, seeing the risk laid out is enough motivation to make changes.

If you do opt to help employees assess their wellness and their risks, you should be sure to also provide support for the next steps. An employee may realize they have many risks factors, but they may feel helpless as to what to do next. The platform could make suggestions, or employees could be referred to a health and wellness advisor. The advisor could help them create a custom plan to improve their wellness.

3. Encourage Employees to Get Moving

Many of today’s jobs are relatively sedentary. Even workers on a manufacturing line may not be moving as much as they think they are.

There’s also a profound difference between taking a 15 minute stroll outside versus shuffling between work stations. Encourage your employees to take breaks, get moving, and participate in physical activities they enjoy.

Employers can help in any number of ways. You might provide fitness classes during working hours. You could also organize a company soccer or baseball team during the spring and summer.

4. Support the Mind as Well as the Body

When it comes to health and fitness, most people focus on the idea of physical exercise. Exercise is important, but it doesn’t work on the body alone. It also helps the mind.

Employers should be aware that mental health is just as important as physical wellness when it comes to employee motivation. Employees who are tired or stressed are less likely to perform well. They may adopt apathetic attitudes or do the bare minimum.

Offer your employees tools to protect their mental health as well. This can include support for those who may be struggling with a mental health condition, such as depression. You could also offer meditation classes, or a stress management workshop with a wellness expert.

5. Create Customized Communications

Sometimes employees aren’t motivated to make lifestyle changes because they don’t believe the risks or benefits apply to them. You can help them overcome this belief by crafting customized communications.

Custom communication makes hypothetical situations seem more relatable to the employee. They can see themselves in the case study or understand how the information applies to them. With that information in hand, they may be motivated to make changes.

Motivation and wellness go hand in hand for most people. Your employees are no exception to the rule. Help them find both this year by bringing these tips into the workplace.

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