Are You Hiring Temporary Workers Now to Gear Up for Summer Production?

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By Lisa Hutchinson

Topics: Hiring


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Are_You_Hiring_Temporary_Workers_Now_to_Gear_up_for_Summer_Production With one of the year’s busiest seasons just around the corner, now is the best time to prepare for the increase in production. Summer is a particularly difficult season to keep productivity high because you’re often dealing with employees going on summer vacation. The staffing gaps caused by these departures make it tricky to operate at optimal capacity.

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It’s important that your company obtains the means to scale up for summer production now. When summer starts, it’ll be a lot harder to ensure you find enough talent to fill the gaps throughout the season without exhausting your HR department. That’s why you should be proactive and start hiring temporary workers now.

Hire Early to Avoid Slowdowns

Hiring temporary workers in spring means there’s less of a chance for productivity to experience an abrupt slowdown when the summer starts. Not only will you be accounting for your skills gap, but you will have a flexible staffing solution that can be adjusted as the season dictates. Every summer season brings with it different demands, after all.

Whether you need temporary workers to take over for staff on vacation, extra hands for higher workloads, or specialized skills for new projects, hiring temporary workers early will ensure optimal productivity levels.

Skilled Temporary Workers Can Be Hired on Short Notice

Although, ideally, you want to hire ahead of the summer season, sometimes, you can’t avoid needing to hire at the last minute. Unlike searching for more permanent part-time employees, hiring temporary workers can be quick, especially if you’ve outsourced the hiring process to a staffing agency that’s dedicated to your company’s industry.

A local staffing agency like Liberty Staffing focuses on growing a roster of talent for office, warehouse, and industrial businesses within Ontario. That means you could engage a staffing agency to hire local temporary workers who could be placed quickly for your summer production. One of the top outsourcing advantages is that your company can ensure business continuity while improving risk management.

In today’s fast paced and unpredictable global economy, you need access to hiring solutions that can meet the demands such an economy produces. Fortunately for you, the gig economy is booming in Canada, which means you can remain well staffed throughout the summer season.

Avoid Bad Summer Hiring Practices

When you outsource hiring to a staffing agency, you avoid bad summer hiring practices because your hiring process is being handled by recruiters with decades of expertise. While it’s tempting to want to handle staffing for summer in-house, your HR department is already stretched thin trying to hire for every department in your company.

There are many common mistakes you can make during the hiring process, and these mistakes may cost you in reduced productivity. Hiring without a good strategy for assessing cultural fit, for instance, will land you with summer candidates who may do more harm than good for your productivity levels. Make sure you hire the right people the first time around with the help of Liberty Staffing.


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