Do Temp Staffing Employees Work Full Time?

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By Lisa Hutchinson

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Do_Temp_Staffing_Employees_Work_Full_Time.jpgTemporary staffing is becoming increasingly popular in today’s business world. Though permanent 9–5 employment opportunities certainly still exist, more companies are now taking advantage of the benefits that come with employing temporary employees. In some cities, temp employees are outpacing permanent employees at twice the rate. Over the past decade, the trend of temp staffing has risen rapidly.

Temp staffing is becoming more popular because it allows employers to meet fluctuating business demand while avoiding the costs and commitment associated with hiring permanent employees. It enables them to cover absent employees and temporary vacancies as well as fill gaps in their workforce. It’s also advantageous for the temp workers who do not want to work long hours on a consistent basis, who want more freedom and flexibility, and who want to try out different roles and companies before committing to a permanent job.

If you’re considering getting on board with temp staffing, you might have some questions about how it works that you’re too afraid to ask. One of the most common questions that employers have relates to how many hours temp staffing employees work. Do they work full-time hours? Are they allowed to? Or does their temporary status mean that they only work part-time hours? Keep reading to find out.

Part Time or Full Time?

Many employers wrongfully believe that temps are only a good option when you need part-time hours filled. If they have a job come up that requires a typical 9–5 work schedule, they don’t even consider temp staffing—they go straight to hiring a new full-time employee. Many temps do work sporadically, taking over a night shift here and there for a sick employee or getting called in for the lunch rush only a couple of times a week. However, this isn’t the only way to take advantage of temp workers.

You can and should hire temps for full-time work, too. You might have an influx in demand and need a few more full-time workers until work slows down again. You might have a project come up and need someone to dedicate full-time hours to it until it’s completed, but know that you won’t need that person once the job is done. There are many situations that you’ll face as an employer where you’ll need full-time help but on a temporary basis only. It doesn’t make sense to hire permanent workers for these situations.

Temp workers can absolutely work full time—just not forever.

All Your Needs Will Be Met

When you partner with a temp staffing agency, your needs will be met—whatever they might be. Need a worker just for the weekends for the next month or two? Hire a temp. Need a worker for a special project that will require full-time hours but will be completed in six months? Hire a temp. Whether you need extra workers for a couple of hours each day or each week, for a month or for six months, for part-time hours or for full-time hours, your staffing agency can meet your needs and find you the perfect candidate who will agree to your terms. You’re not limited to offering a certain set of hours or a particular length for temporary assignments. The only thing that the temporary status really means is that you won’t have these workers on site permanently.

However, keep in mind that if you find a temp worker that you really like, who fits into your company seamlessly, and who is a hard worker, you can offer full-time, permanent employment if the worker is interested in taking it. But unless such an offer is extended, you can utilize your temps for as long or as short of a time as you’d like, for as many hours a day as you need.

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