7 Questions about Temp Staffing Agencies You're Too Afraid to Ask

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By Lisa Hutchinson

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7_Questions_about_Temp_Staffing_Agencies_Youre_Too_Afraid_to_Ask_Millions of companies work with temp staffing companies in order to get the best temporary workers for their special projects, to cover leaves, to fill in when employees call in sick, for influxes of work, for seasonal jobs, or for myriad other reasons. However, there are even more companies out there that do not use the services of temp staffing agencies. Typically, this is because business owners simply do not know enough about the temp staffing industry to feel comfortable working with one. Others buy into myths that just aren’t true.

If you’re looking to reap the rewards of working with a temp agency, you might have a few questions before you take the leap—maybe some questions that you’re too afraid to ask.

Below are the top seven questions about temp staffing agencies answered for your reference.

1. What are the financial benefits of using temp staffing agencies?

There are many financial benefits to look forward to. You’ll save considerably on hiring and recruiting costs, such as advertising expenses. You’ll save time from doing the legwork yourself, which can translate to a big sum of money. And because the agency will have hiring expertise and connections with great candidates, you’ll also save on the cost of a bad hire, such as reduced productivity and training costs.

2. Aren’t temps just unskilled, uneducated workers who can’t find real jobs?

Absolutely not! People choose to work for temp staffing for a variety of reasons, including: to make connections, to test out different types of positions, or to enjoy increased flexibility. Temp staffing agencies work tirelessly to only hire top talent with great skills and experience, so you can count on them to find you qualified workers.

3. Why hire temp staff instead of more permanent workers?

Different companies choose to hire temp workers for a variety of reasons. Some companies do not have the financial stability to hire permanent workers, who they might need to lay off in the future due to budgetary constraints. Some want to avoid the overtime costs and low morale associated with overworking their current employees and get temps to do the work instead. Others choose temp workers because they work in a seasonal industry, and some choose temp staffing for unique reasons all their own.

4. Can temp staffing agencies supply temps with experience in my specialized industry?

Not all temp staffing agencies will be able to offer you specialized workers, but you can guarantee that you will be able to find one niche agency that does place the exact types of workers you need, with the skills and experience that are required, no matter your industry.

5. What happens if I want to hire a temp on a full-time basis?

Many agencies offer temp-to-perm positions. If you like one of your temp workers so much that you want to keep them on board full time, you can definitely try. Though some temps aren’t looking for permanent work, others might jump at the chance. Talk to your agency about such a situation to know the details.

6. What if a temp doesn’t work out?

Temp staffing agencies check in periodically with their clients to see how their temps are doing. They won’t just abandon you once you’ve hired a worker. If you are not completely satisfied, most agencies provide a satisfaction guarantee, and will replace the worker with another one at no extra cost.

7. How much will it cost me?

The amount you pay will vary from agency to agency and will be based on a combination of factors. The level of experience you need, the demand in the industry, the skills required, the lead time you provide, the level of experience your recruiters have, and account volume can all lead to price variations.

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