Going Back to School? Register with Liberty Staffing Services for a Temp Job!

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By Megan Lacombe

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Going_Back_to_School_Register_with_Liberty_Staffing_Services_for_a_Temp_JobAre you attending school in September? Deciding to go to school is a big, life-changing decision. It is a large financial investment. No matter what school you decide to attend, or the course that you take, schooling is expensive. Have you considered taking a part time, or temporary job while you attend school? Liberty Staffing Services has many temporary employment opportunities available, with varying work hours.

Being a student is a lot of work, and we understand that your schedule will be hectic once school starts. If you are worried about the workload, there’s no need to stress. Liberty Staffing Services will work with your schedule.

So why should you register for a temporary job when you are heading back to school?

1. Temp Jobs Have Great Flexibility

With your busy school schedule, Liberty Staffing Services understands that you may not want to work every day, for long periods of time. Temporary employment opportunities are great for students because they are short term, with varying hours. Many of the temporary opportunities that Liberty Staffing offers have the option of morning, afternoon, or night shifts, so you can choose a time which best suits your schedule.

2. To Earn Some Extra Cash

Putting yourself through school is not cheap. You must pay for tuition, books and materials, as well as living expenses. Taking a temporary job can relieve some of the financial burden.

3. Work Experience for Your Resume

If you take a temporary job while you are studying at school, when you graduate, you will have some valuable work experience already on your resume. You will have a leg-up compared to your classmates who have no work experience on their resumes. Employers hold candidates who have worked whilst studying in school in high regard.

Register with Liberty Staffing Services today! We have ten offices located across Southern Ontario. We would love to meet you and discuss what you are studying in school.

Liberty Staffing Services wishes you a successful school year!

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