How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Achieve a Better Work/Life Balance

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By Lorna Faires

Topics: Staffing Services


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How_a_Staffing_Agency_Can_Help_You_Find_Work_Life_BalanceCanadians want a better work/life balance. This has been a growing area of concern for employers and employees alike. Everyone from employees to policymakers feel Canadians may be working too much.One in four Canadians have quit their jobs due to accumulating stress, which includes feeling overworked.

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A good work/life balance has many benefits. It allows workers to take care of commitments outside of work, including taking care of their families, spending time on hobbies, and maintaining relationships with friends. This leads to less stress, more satisfaction, and even better social connections. People who have good work/life balance may even find their health improves.

There are benefits for employers as well. After all, happy and satisfied workers tend to be more productive, creative, and engaged.

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A New Role for the Staffing Agency

How can staffing agencies help you discover better work/life balance?

As the gig economy has grown, more workers have turned to staffing agencies to help them find more employment opportunities.

In the gig economy, the staffing agency can play a pivotal role in helping Canadian workers discover the right opportunities and build their careers.

Creating Flexibility

Staffing agencies can help Canadians find a better work/life balance by allowing them to explore opportunities with more flexibility. Maybe a 9 to 5 role isn’t right for you, but you may not be aware of jobs in your field that would provide you with a different schedule.

For example, if you’d prefer to work split shifts or part time at two different jobs, a staffing agency may be able to help you find the right roles to support your working schedule. They can also suggest employers who have short term roles available, which might suit your needs better than a permanent, full time position.

Finding New Opportunities

Staffing agencies also offer increased access to opportunities. Again, you may not be aware of the many different places you can seek out employment in your field.

Working with the recruiters at a staffing agency, you cannot only build your own schedule but your portfolio as well. You may be able to work for a variety of different companies on different projects to expand your experience, skills, and resume.

Furthermore, these roles could turn into recurring gigs. One employer may request that you come back for new short term contracts on a regular basis.

Building Your Career

Ultimately, all of this gives you greater means to build your career, while taking out some of the uncertainty. The gig economy works very well for some people, but others may find it challenging to connect with the right employers or to find the right kinds of opportunities.

By working with a staffing agency like Liberty Staffing Services, you can find those opportunities, connect with a wider variety of employers, and build both your skills and your portfolio. New opportunities you may not otherwise hear about could become available to you.

How does this help Canadian workers like you achieve a better work/life balance? It puts you back in control and takes away many of the uncertainties of the job market. You can spend less time worrying about finding more work, or new jobs. And you can find jobs that are the right fit for your lifestyle, needs, and interests.

Staffing agencies can also suggest new career paths to you, which may supply more flexible schedules, or offer less stress.

In short, working with a staffing agency like Liberty Staffing could drastically improve your work/life balance.


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