How a Temporary Job Can Prepare You for Full Time Permanent Employment

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By Lisa Hutchinson

Topics: Job Search


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How a Temporary Job Can Prepare You for Full-Time Permanent Employment.jpgAre you a job seeker wondering how a temporary job can translate to eventual full time work? You’re not alone. It can be daunting to think that Canada’s workforce is adapting to the new gig economy and ‘job churn,’ but temporary jobs have a lot to offer. A primary benefit of taking a temp position, for instance, is preparation for transition to a full-time permanent position.

Curious about how a temporary job can expertly train you for full-time work? Then check out our discussion of the matter below.

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Working Temp Gives You an Extended Training Period

A lot of job seekers out there today are often locked off from full-time work opportunities because they don’t have “previous experience.” Many candidates could in fact have all the qualifications for a position, but find they are turned down because an employer requires a certain number of months or years of experience. When you work a temporary job (or multiple temporary jobs) in a specific industry, you gain that precious experience to write on your resume.

You’ll also have solid references to back up your claim when you interview for a full time position. Treat your time as a temp as if it were an extended training period, and push yourself to excel in your position. You never know if there is an opportunity to turn that temp job to full time permanent employment or not.

You Have an Advantage Over External Candidates

Getting placed in a temp job lets you hit the ground running and gives your employer a significant probationary period to evaluate your cultural fitness for their company and work environment. Chances are, if any full-time positions open up during your period as a temp, you’ll be first in line for consideration, rather than an external candidate.

Even as a temp worker you’re empowered as an internal candidate with on-board training and experience. If you work well with your colleagues and demonstrate the niche skills needed for your position, you increase your probability of being brought on full-time. But make sure you do a healthy amount of networking while you’re at it, too.

You Can Test-Drive Career Paths

Being a temp means you might very well experience some ‘job churn’—jumping from one short assignment to the next. But the upside of this situation is that if you’re trying to figure out what career path is suitable for you, being placed as a temp is the best course of action to take. Say you’re interested in several positions within a specific industry, like warehousing for example. If you apply to a niche staffing firm like Liberty Staffing, which specializes in office, warehouse, and industrial jobs, you can gain access to various temp jobs that will give you the experience you need to decide where you fit best.

If you’re confident in your skillsets and are willing to give working temp positions or projects a go, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to learn your strengths. You might discover a line of work that is your calling, or even network with people during your temp placement that leads to opportunities to explore other industries.


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