How Job Placement Agencies Can Speed Up Your Job Search

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By Lorna Faires

Topics: Job Search


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How_Job_Placement_Agencies_Can_Speed_up_Your_Job_SearchAre you on the hunt for a new job? If so, you may be finding that even with low unemployment and talent shortages, it can still be difficult to find the right position for you. Even as you apply for jobs, it can still be quite the feat to get a callback or land an interview.

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You may be staring at a long road ahead on the job front, or you may have already been looking for months. Is there anything you can do to speed up the process?

There is! If you haven’t started working with one, you should consider a job placement agency, like Liberty Staffing. They can help you speed up the job search process. How do they do it? There are a few ways the expert team at Liberty Staffing Services can help.

Job Placement Agencies Help You Find the Right Jobs

One of the most common mistakes job seekers make is to apply to almost any job posting they see. Sometimes, this is because the job description is vague enough to make it sound like you’re a great fit. In other cases, it’s because you’re willing to apply to almost anything.

This means you’re not necessarily applying to jobs that are a good fit for you. Job placement agencies can help by locating jobs you’re qualified for and helping you apply to those positions.

By being more selective, you’ll spend less time on applications and more time in interviews.

The Expert Team Knows What Employers Want

How long ago did you update your resume? If you’re not following along with trends in resume writing, employers may overlook your application.

Job placement agencies can keep you informed of what employers are currently looking for in the market. Liberty Staffing is up to date on the latest trends, and we know what employers are looking for. With this information readily available to you, you can then add the applicable skills to your resume.

They Can Connect You with Employers You’ve Never Considered

How many employers do you know in your community? You likely know some big names, but it’s unlikely you know everyone. In fact, there are many businesses in need of employees that you’ve likely never considered because you don’t know they exist.

Job placement agencies work with many of these companies. In turn, agencies can connect you with more employers in your industry and in industries outside of your area of expertise. Your skill set likely travels further than you may think.

If you’ve been having trouble finding the kind of work you want in your area, reach out to Liberty Staffing. We can help.

Temporary Positions Can Tide You Over

Another great thing about job placement agencies is that they have connections to many employers looking to fill many different kinds of roles.

If you can’t find permanent, full time work immediately, working with an agency also gives you access to a wide variety of temporary positions. This kind of work can help you fill in the gaps between jobs.

Temporary work benefits you in many different ways, beyond simple financial gains. You can continue to develop new skills and build your resume, all while earning a wage. If you prefer, you might explore different industries and types of jobs to find out where your passion truly lies.

Get in Touch with Liberty Staffing Today

If you’re not already working with a job placement agency, you should get in touch with Liberty Staffing today. We can help you speed up the job search, and get you back to employment sooner.


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