How Recruitment Agencies Can Help You Find Jobs

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By Lisa Hutchinson

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How_Recruitment_Agencies_Can_Help_You_Find_JobsRecruitment agencies match job candidates with employers, according to the employers’ hiring needs and the candidates’ preferences and availability. Many agencies focus on placements for temporary work while others will also place workers in permanent or temp-to-hire positions. They work in a wide variety of industries and seek candidates for myriad types of positions. 

Considering how difficult it can be to find jobs in this economy, it makes good sense to contact a recruitment firm to help you on your job search.

Here’s how recruitment agencies can help you find jobs.

They’ll Handle the Hard Work

When you apply to a recruitment firm, all you have to do is send in your resume once, complete an application, and go to one interview with the recruiter. That’s it. If you’re a good fit, the recruiter will then do all of the hard work for you.

The recruiter will look at current job opportunities on the market for you, consider whether or not you would be suitable for the position, and send your resume along to the potential employers if you’re interested in the job. You won’t have to spend endless hours every day looking at online job boards and emailing cover letters and resumes to countless hiring managers. You won’t have to handle the tedious, time-consuming work that comes with trying to find jobs.

This might sound too good to be true, but we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet—it’s completely free, too! The employers are the ones who pay recruitment agencies their fees, not the candidates.

They Promote You

Resumes are a good starting point to showing employers what you’re all about, but sometimes that one piece of paper just isn’t enough to make a stellar impression. When you work with recruitment agencies, your recruiter will go to bat for you, aggressively promoting you and your qualifications to employers. This type of referral will go a long way in getting hiring managers’ attention, as they often have deep, trusting relationships with the recruiters they work for—they’ll believe them when the recruiters say that you’d be great for the job.

They Have Access to Hidden Job Markets

Ever wonder why finding great job opportunities on job boards seems like finding a needle in a haystack? It’s because the leading organizations choose to hire new workers exclusively through recruitment agencies. They understand that outsourcing their hiring needs to the experts saves them time and money and enables them to attract and hire the best talent in the industry. So they’re not advertising their open positions anywhere for you to find. But if you work with a recruitment firm, you’ll have access to all of these hidden jobs, which opens up your opportunities considerably.

Help and Support

When you do well in a position, the recruitment firm looks good to the employer. That’s why the recruiters will do everything they can to ensure that you feel comfortable and happy in any position they place you in. They’ll help you negotiate your compensation, they’ll answer all your questions regarding the job duties, responsibilities, and work environment, so you feel at ease, and they’ll only suggest opportunities that they know you’ll excel at, so you won’t be set up to fail. You can trust that your recruiters will help and support you in your job search and even while you’re on the job.

Find Jobs that Suit Your Needs

Because recruitment agencies work with a variety of different job openings, they will be able to find jobs that suit your needs. Whether you’re just looking for contract or temporary assignments so you can go to school, travel, or focus on your personal life or you’re looking for a permanent position with more stability, you can find an agency that will find jobs that match your career goals, needs for work/life balance, and employment preferences.

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