How Staffing Companies Can Help Fill Your Seasonal Positions

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By Lisa Hutchinson

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How_Staffing_Companies_Can_Help_Fill_Your_Seasonal_PositionsSeasonal revenue can be vital to some companies’ year-end profitability. This can be the holiday season or just a time of year where your type of business peaks. Such a busy time of year can be a strain on your staff. Your staff is stretched thin but adding new permanent employees just to make sure you have enough bodies on hand during the busy seasons isn’t feasible.

That’s why a lot of companies depend on staffing companies to help fill seasonal positions. These agencies can set up employers with temporary workers when needed, and once business slows down, they move on to other jobs elsewhere. Here’s why you might want to consider engaging staffing companies to fill your seasonal positions.

Experts in Hiring

Staffing companies are undoubtedly experts when it comes to the ins and outs of hiring. They’ll be able to help you decide whether you need part-time or full-time temp workers and exactly how many you should hire for the season. Because they understand the hiring needs of a variety of businesses, you’ll be able to trust that you have the right amount of workers with the right skills so your business can run smoothly during peak seasons.

The Right Workers

Seasons come and go quickly. When you figure out that you need extra staff on the floor, it can be too late to train new employees to effectively fill the extra seasonal positions, so you end up losing on revenue. Staffing agencies can find you temp workers with the right skills and experience needed to hit the ground running on their first day. That means your regular staff can be fully productive without having to slow down to answer questions. You won’t need to spend any time training them on the basics. Your new temp workers can get straight to work and start making sales right away, which is exactly what you need to keep up with your competitors.

Next Season

Once staffing companies send you temp workers, you get to know and trust them. You can get ahead on your next busy season by securing these workers ahead of time. This will reduce your stress and allow you to trust that your team is working at its most efficient. There’s no reason to wait until the last minute to start preparing to fill your seasonal positions.

Save Costs

You know that you don’t have enough work year-round to hire new employees just to fill seasonal positions. You don’t want to be paying someone you really don’t need on staff “just in case” seasonal positions need to be filled during the year. But you don’t want to be left short-handed during your busiest time, either.

With temp workers, you don’t need to pay full-time salaries or benefits. You can reap the rewards of having extra hands without the commitment of a permanent hire. You can return the temp workers to the staffing companies whenever work starts to slow down again.

You’ll be saving a load of money by going with temp workers, and you’ll still be fully staffed when needed. Having a seasonal workforce on board can be a great option when you know your business has a lot of ups and downs.

Don’t Lose Out on Revenue

There’s no need to be short-handed. Staffing companies can get you set up with qualified, experienced workers to fill those pesky seasonal positions that are often hard to fill on such short notice. Make sure you can meet the demand of the season so you don’t lose out on much-needed revenue.

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