How Staffing Services Can Help Businesses Find Qualified Packagers

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By Lorna Faires

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How_Staffing_Services_Can_Help_Businesses_Find_Qualified_Packagers.jpgWarehouse packagers are needed in a wide variety of industries. These workers are required to pack products manually, perform quality control checks, evaluate product and package appearance, fold and tape boxes, apply labels, stack boxes, and lift heavy loads. They require strength, the ability to work with minimal supervision, great attention to detail, and multitasking abilities, along with safety consciousness. They require very little experience and education, if any.

Businesses seeking new packagers might think that these types of workers would be easy to find and hire. After all, they don’t require specialized skills, education, or experience. However, making the wrong hiring decision can lead to negative effects on productivity, poor customer service, onsite accidents, costly warehouse errors, and other consequences. That’s why ensuring that you hire a qualified packager is critical.

Don’t risk hiring the wrong person. Seek the help of staffing services instead.

Here’s why it’s your best option.

Find Workers Quickly

Many times, when you need to hire new workers, you need to hire them immediately. You can’t afford to wait weeks to go through the motions of your in-house hiring process. When your previous packagers suddenly quit without notice or go on leave or when your demand suddenly increases and you need extra hands to send out orders, you just can’t wait.

But if you rush through the hiring process just to have your workers on boarded quickly, you could end up hiring the wrong people out of rush or desperation.

With a staffing services company, though, you can get new workers on site in a matter of a few days, without having to sacrifice quality or risk making bad hiring decisions. It’s a win-win.

A niche staffing firm that specializes in filling industrial and warehouse positions will have qualified packagers on their roster who will be ready and able to start immediately. These candidates have already been screened and approved, shortening the hiring process considerably.

Try before You Buy

When you partner with a staffing firm, one of the best staffing services you can take advantage of is the temp-to-perm hiring model. You can hire a packager on a temporary basis, for a pre-determined amount of time, to see how well he handles his duties and how well he fits into your existing workforce. If you find that he’s an excellent worker, you can hire him on full time. If he’s not working out, you can send him back to the staffing agency. There’s zero risk or commitment with this type of hiring; it can reduce your turnover rate and the associated costs.

Save Time and Money

The hiring process is time-consuming and costly. As is the ongoing payroll processing and HR administration that you must commit to when you hire new packagers for your warehouse. When you hire them through a staffing services company, though, you get to save both time and money. You won’t have to review resumes, perform interviews, or perform background checks. You won’t have to pay for advertising or testing. And you won’t have to process their pay cheques or handle their human resources issues, either. The agency will be in charge of these tasks.

Onboarding and Training

Some staffing services you can enjoy through a partnership with a staffing agency include onboarding and training. Your staffing firm will take care of getting your new packagers up to speed on your systems and processes through company-specific training, will get them familiar with your company through onboarding, and will also ensure that your new workers are trained in health and safety so you can benefit from fewer risks of injuries on site, maximum productivity, and more.

Liberty Staffing has a full database of qualified packagers for hire. Contact us today.

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