How to Simplify Your Job Search

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: Job Searching


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How_to_Simplify_Your_Job_Search.jpgAnyone who’s ever searched for employment understands how taxing and stressful the experience can be. Most job seekers don’t find a job on their first try—it fact, it usually takes several months. A large amount of time is invested in combing through job listings online. More effort is invested into crafting personalized cover letters and resumes for each position. You can’t help but to get emotionally invested in some of the emails you send—hoping and praying that you get a response.

When you’re spending so much time and effort on your job search, it’s easy to become burnt out. Not hearing a peep out of any hiring manager after you’ve applied to so many different companies can be demoralizing. You might want to give up, but of course, you can’t—not if you plan to keep a roof over your head and pay your bills.

But your job search doesn’t have to be so tough on you—on your schedule and on your spirit. You can actually simplify it by taking one easy step: working with a staffing agency.

Staffing Agencies Aren’t What You Think They Are

If you don’t know much about staffing agencies, you’ve probably just formulated an opinion about them based on what you’ve heard over the years. You think that the staffing agency takes some of your pay. You think that using a staffing agency is just a last desperate attempt to employment. You think that no one wants to hire anyone through a staffing firm. You think that no qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable job seeker would need to work with a staffing firm. And that you shouldn’t work with one if you’re looking for permanent work—they’re only good for temporary placements.

All of these notions are false. They are myths. Working with a staffing agency can actually be incredibly beneficial on your job search. It can simplify the process and get you employed quickly, in a job that you enjoy, a job that’s in your field, and a job that will pay the bills.

They Don’t Take a Cut

Many job seekers are hesitant to apply for work through a staffing agency because they’ve heard through the grapevine that the recruiters will take a portion of their pay as payment for services rendered. This is completely false. No reputable, professional agency would take a dime from its candidates. Agencies offer their services to job seekers completely for free. They get their revenue from their clients—the companies that hire them to find candidates just like you. Speaking of which…

Companies Use Them

A staffing agency can improve your job search by giving you access to a hidden job market—you’ll be able to apply for positions that you didn’t even know existed. Many companies work exclusively with their staffing agencies to find new workers. They don’t post job ads online. They don’t advertise open positions. Working with a staffing firm will give you the chance to get your foot in the door at really great companies. It can open up opportunities. And it can cut out much of the competition you get from applying to jobs online—the same avenue that every other job seeker takes on the job search.

Candidates Are Qualified

Client companies wouldn’t work with staffing agencies if they only provided them terrible workers—people who were unskilled and inexperienced. In fact, some of the best talent in the market work exclusively with staffing agencies. Working with a staffing agency doesn’t mean that you’re unqualified and a bad worker—it means that you had enough sense to get the help you need on your job search.

They Offer Permanent Work, Too

Though some staffing companies do focus on temporary work, many also work on finding candidates for permanent positions. Others offer temp-to-perm positions, and some temp positions could turn into permanent work if you prove yourself.

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Megan Lacombe

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