How to Prepare for Your Administrative Assistant Interview

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how-to-prepare-for-your-administrative-assistant-interview-thumbAdministrative assistants are often the “unsung heroes” of any organization's daily operations. Though most work of the position is done behind the scenes, every part is crucial and important. Administrative assistant positions are fast-paced and fulfilling and desirable. 

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Once you’ve been matched with the perfect job opportunity by Liberty Staffing Services, here’s everything you need to know about preparing for your administrative assistant interview. 

Research the Company 

The first and most important step in preparing for your administrative assistant interview is researching the company. Regardless of the position you’re interested in, knowing the ins and outs of the company is necessary. But because of the direct involvement with so many different areas of the business that an administrative assistant sees, the details are vital. 

In preparing for your interview, you should be familiar with what is expected of an administrative assistant at the company, their mission and values, the products and services offered, their goals, and exactly where you fit in.  

Outline the Requirements of the Position

A well-written job description tells you everything that you need to know about the administrative assistant position. Reading and understanding the particulars of the posting will let you know if you are a good fit for the company and what skills you should highlight in your interview. 

Share What You Have to Offer 

Once you are familiar with the job description, prepare a list of your strengths that reinforce that you are an ideal candidate for the position. Be ready to share specific examples of putting your skills into action in ways that are relevant to the company and position for which you’re applying. Don’t be afraid to list some of your weaknesses as well. Your interviewer will appreciate your honesty and your willingness to learn and improve in a new position.

Refine Your Data-Entry Skills

Skills often seen in administrative assistant positions involve data entry. These may include basic computer skills or typing proficiency. Take some time before your interview to brush up on these skills and be ready to learn new ones if the company uses programs unfamiliar to you.

Prepare Your Interview Responses

No two interviews are alike, but certain questions will likely be asked when applying for an administrative assistant position. You should be prepared to answer questions about:

Your technology skills: As mentioned above, administrative assistants often use multiple forms of technology daily. Be ready to share what technology you’re familiar with and list your experiences with each.

Your communication skills: An administrative assistant is often the first point of contact for a business. As such, professional communication skills are vital. Be prepared to show your level of professionalism and your written and verbal communication abilities. 

Your ability to work in a team setting: Many positions are centered around a particular department. But an administrative assistant will be involved with every branch of the business. Being able to work as a part of a team is a necessity. Be prepared with examples of previous teamwork and how you have been able to build professional relationships.

Your organizational and planning skills: An administrative assistant will often have multiple active projects at the same time. To prepare for your interview, have examples of how you organize your schedules and specific instances of multi-tasking in previous positions. Having examples including meeting deadlines will also be beneficial.

Your discretionary skills: It is not uncommon for an administrative assistant to be included in conversations that reveal sensitive information. While interviewing, express that you can be trusted with details that have to be kept confidential.

Your skills under pressure: Being able to perform under pressure is another important skill for an administrative assistant. Have in mind a particular situation where you were under professional pressure, the details of the task, the specific actions that you took to complete the task, and the outcome of the situation.

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