What to Expect as a New Administrative Assistant

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what-to-expect-as-a-new-administrative-assistant-thumbIf you have recently been hired as an administrative assistant, congratulations! And if you’re looking for administrative assistant work, stick around–we can help!

Liberty Staffing helps job seekers in Ontario find great jobs by connecting them with the incredible employers we work with. If you’re looking for administrative assistant work, this is where you need to be. Contact us today to find out how you can launch your career as an administrative assistant. 

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Once you start your new administrative job, what can you expect? If this is your first job in this kind of role, you may have a lot of questions. We have helped countless people start on this career path, and we’re more than happy to share our expertise! 

Your Job Duties Will be Listed in the Job Description

Regardless of what industry they work in, many of the job duties of administrative assistants are the same from company to company. Whether you applied independently or through a staffing agency, you can look at your job description to find out most of what you will need to do at work. 

Common job duties for administrative assistants include answering calls, replying to emails, scheduling meetings and appointments, taking care of office supply inventories, assisting with some bookkeeping tasks, typing documents, managing both incoming and outgoing mail, maintaining electronic files as well as paper files, and taking minutes during meetings.

Onboarding May Take a Few Days

The process of onboarding may take a few days. This is good news for new administrative assistant hires because it means that you don’t have to learn everything there is to learn on day one. 

Onboarding will involve filling out hiring forms, reviewing employee policies or handbooks, setting up technology accounts, and going through your employer’s training processes. 

It can be nerve-wracking to start a new job, but don’t worry too much about those first few days. Your new employer knows that you are learning a lot of new things, including who everyone is, where everything is, and what you need to do to complete your job duties. You will get the hang of it!

Your Work Schedule Will Probably Be Pretty Consistent

Administrative assistants can be hired on a part time or full time basis, but many administrative assistants work full time hours. That’s because employers generally want to have administrative support for the majority of their operational hours, and it is generally easier to have a small administrative staff than lots of people spread out over multiple smaller shifts. 

If you are working in a traditional office environment, your work schedule will probably be within standard business hours. However, some administrative assistants work non-traditional hours. For example, if you get a job in a hospital or a factory that operates second and third shifts, you may be able to work evening, nighttime, and weekend hours. 

You Will Develop Excellent Transferable Skills

One of the great things about administrative assistant work is that it provides you with such excellent transferable skills

You’ll develop great computer literacy skills, including database management, word processing, and spreadsheet software. In addition to technology skills, you will also develop strong communication skills through your frequent interactions with coworkers, supervisors, customers, visitors, and more. When you’re ready to apply to your next job, you can boast great written, spoken, online, and in-person communication skills because of your time as an administrative assistant. 

Administrative assistants are team players with great organization skills and strong attention to detail. They tend to have a lot of personal initiative, and a great instinct for paying attention to small things. They are also great problem solvers! 

What is Your Next Job Going to Be?

If you’re looking for an administrative assistant position, a staffing agency is a great place to start! Whether you already have experience or are looking for your first-ever job, Liberty Staffing can help connect you with great job opportunities. 

Reach out to Liberty Staffing today to get started! We are excited to connect you to employers who are eager to bring you onboard right away.


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