Job Seekers: New Year, New Career

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By Lisa Hutchinson

Topics: Job Search


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Job-Seekers-New-Year-New-Career---compressor.jpgFor all you job seekers out there, as you enter a fresh new year, don’t be afraid to explore a new you. “New year, new you,” as the saying goes.

Try not to allow yourself to succumb to any external pressures to stay in a job if you are not one hundred percent satisfied with it. Granted, you cannot always be a hundred percent satisfied, but at least you should come close. If you are unhappy or are feeling a bit uninspired at work, listen to your gut and delve into a new career.

Whether you are a new job seeker or you’ve been working for years and are thinking about a change, there is never a wrong time to make the switch.

Here are a few reasons that may indicate it’s time to consider a career change, and some tips to make the transition into a new career as seamless as possible.

Get Your Drive Back

None of us want to wake up in the morning dreading the thought of going to work. Jobs should motivate employees to do their best work and stay engaged in what they are doing. The moment you lose energy and are feeling somewhat stagnant in your position, this is a call to consider looking for a different job.

Take the Change in Stride

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with looking for a new field of work, take baby steps. Don’t do everything at once. This is when everything can seem like too much for job seekers.

Start with a broad search and narrow it down to an industry or position that resonates with you. Make notes of what you do well and what you can improve on. Think of your current position (or previous jobs) and consider aspects you liked and disliked about the work. This will make it easier to narrow down job prospects to the most suitable options.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

Another option when looking into a career change is partnering with a staffing agency. Staffing agencies give job seekers extra support.

Staffing agencies also offer a variety of services, including resume advice and interview tips. If it’s been a while since the last time you applied for a job, it never hurts to get tips on writing resumes.

Staffing agencies also keep informed of industry changes so they are able to offer advice based on current trends in the job market and different available opportunities.

Go Back to School

Don’t discount going back to school or taking a few extra courses to advance your educational career. This is another tip you’re never too old for.

As a job seeker, it is always a good idea to hone your skills. Getting extra certifications is also an opportunity to keep current in your desired field.

Try Out Temporary Positions

If you’ve been employed as a full time worker for a long period of time, you might not have considered temporary work as an option. Temporary employment can offer you the opportunity to test the waters. Temporary positions can give you insight and experience with various positions in different industries, so you can learn what type of work you truly enjoy. Temp work also allows you to accumulate more skills to add to your resume.

Another benefit of temporary work is there is no commitment. If it does not feel right, you are not obligated to stay on for the long term. You can move on to the next opportunity in a few short weeks or months when the contract is over.

Seek Fulfillment

Do the necessary research when considering a career change. It is important to ensure you’ll enjoy what you do and feel comfortable in your place of work.

Another tip for job seekers: Fill out career and personality assessments, and look for jobs that suit your personality, skills, and passion. Never fear diving head first into a new career.


Lisa Hutchinson

I started with Liberty Staffing in 2004 as the Regional Business Manager of the London office. I have over 20 years of experience in the customer service and retail sectors, as well as leadership experience including Store Management, People Development and Recruiting. In 2016, our London location moved to a larger office in order to accommodate growth of our business, which included adding a Clerical Division.

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