Prevent Productivity Slowdowns by Hiring Temps to Fill in for Employees on Vacation

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: Hiring


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Prevent_Productivity_Slowdowns_by_Hiring_Temps_to_Fill_in_for_Employees_on_VacationSummer is one of the more challenging seasons for business owners because the probability of productivity slowdowns is high. No doubt, many of your employees have saved up their vacation time for summer and you will be dealing with scheduling gaps as they travel abroad or spend time in cottage country. Productivity slowdowns aren’t inevitable, however.

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You can avoid slowdowns during the summer by engaging a temporary staffing agency, like Liberty Staffing. Hiring temps to fill in for your employees is not only efficient for vacation time coverage, but it gives you a running start to deal with turnover in the fall. Want to know exactly how hiring temps can boost your company’s overall productivity levels and more? Then continue reading.

Expert Talent

A prevalent misconception about hiring temps is that you won’t be able to adequately address the skills gap because a temp isn’t as experienced as a permanent employee. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Since temporary work has practically become a global norm, the workers who consist of this market are not only highly skilled, but they come from many different industries. That’s part of the reason why the term “supertemp” was coined.

Canada’s market of temporary workers is no exception either. Many workers are choosing to work temporary roles because it affords them more control over their work-life balance. Whether they’re college students, recent grads, or experienced professionals, Canada’s flexible workforce is comprised of experts. All of this means that your employees’ positions can be seamlessly covered during the summer.

Try Before You Hire

Some staffing agencies can afford you another advantage regarding productivity: temporary to permanent staffing, which is also known as try-before-you-hire employment. Hiring temps in this fashion allows you to prepare for fall when there’s often turnover that causes further slowdowns. Hiring temporary workers who you can screen for cultural fit in your business environment allows you to do several things at once, besides covering for employees on vacation.

For one, you aren’t committed to hiring the workers if they aren’t a good fit for your business. The pre-screening and hiring processes are accelerated and costs are lowered since the staffing agency has already handled some of this process during placement. If the temporary workers do pass your skills evaluation and make a good fit, then you’ve lowered training costs as well.

For some businesses that need to think beyond summer productivity, try-before-you-hire staffing is the ideal solution.

Hire Local Temporary Workers for Speedy Coverage

The best part of engaging a temporary staffing agency, like Liberty Staffing Services, to help you deal with your skills gaps during the summer is that there are agencies that offer local workers. Not only will you be able to assure you’re on boarding vetted professionals to cover for your employees on vacation, but they will be able to start working for you immediately.

Liberty Staffing can provide local workers for your business and can fill rush orders as needed. They have a roster of professionals in a variety of industries, like office, warehouse, and industrial. Liberty Staffing offers flexible options (temporary, temporary to permanent, and permanent), and has experience placing over 40 temporary and permanent workers at a large company.

As you can see, there are many ways to prevent productivity slowdowns during the summer season and beyond. Consider engaging Liberty Staffing today!

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